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Are Bracelet Watches Supposed To Be Loose?

So, are bracelet watches supposed to be loose? Bracelet watches that have metal straps are usually loose compared to leather and plastic straps bracelet watches. Metal straps are worn loose, so there is nothing to worry. If you like loose bracelet watches, then let it be loose; or else, you can make it tight. It’s your personal choice.

There are different types of bracelet watches. Here are the list:

Analog Watch

These types of watches have a clock-face, with 12 hours indicated in numerals or roman numbers. They have the hour and minute hand, while some have the second hand too, and requires physical winding to keep the watch running.

Digital Watch

Here the hour, minutes, and seconds get indicated in a display format, compared to the automatic watch. These watches operate with the help of batteries.

Diving Watch

Watches that work at excellent depth underwater get worn by divers and have additional features, which are of use to them.

Automatic Watch

No winding issues in these watches, since our hand movement, help the watch energize itself. There is a half-disc metal weight known as a rotor, which assists in this function. In case the watch stops due to inactivity, by wearing it for some time, provides the rotor the required torque to get the watch to operate again.

Chronograph Watch

These watches have an additional stop-watch facility and get used to measure the time taken for certain activities.

Quartz Watch


Dress Watch

Formal watches, which get worn with your suit and ties to offices and meetings, are often simple and not bulky or flashy. You do not wear such watches to the beach or go out partying. They are elegant and must be taken care of at all times.

Field Watch

Watches that look rugged, accurate, visible at night, and are also stylish, get carried by filed officers.

Luxury Watch

These watches are for the rich and famous, and they get made from precious metals and gemstones.

Pilot Watch

Pilots wear these durable and precision watches when they fly. These days, there are many options for them to choose from.

Mechanical Watch

These type of watches uses the mechanical principle to operate the clock. The mainspring, which is central to this mechanism, helps the watch to function. You can either wound or work through the movement of your hand.

Smart Watch


Types Of Watch Bands

To hold the watch around your wrist, you require a band or bracelet. Let now look at some options and the materials that get used for the same.

Zulu Strap

Made from leather or nylon, the Zulu straps are much bulkier and suitable for more significant, and sturdier watches. All watches may not fit well with these straps, and hence you have to be careful when you choose them. They are not as slim and stylish as the NATO straps, but are quite durable and stands out well on large wrists.

NATO Strap

These types of straps got introduced in 1973 by the British defense, and with great difficulty, one could avail them. They were also known as G10 straps and were initially blue and grey with brass buckles made from nylon material. Later, many large brands introduced these bands as part of their watch offerings.

Oyster Strap

Introduced by Rolex watch company in the 1930s, these straps get made from steel, with gold and silver finish. Their unique three bands of metal links hold the belt together firmly to the wrist. The central group of links provides the required strength, but those with smaller wrists do not prefer this type of strap.

However, all watch lovers will have this type of watch-band in their collection, since their elegant look elevates the fashion quotient of even a simple watch face. Also, their link structure does not allow for any breakage, and alongside, you don’t have the option to shorten its length!

Jubilee Band

Very similar to oyster bracelets, these bands got introduced by Rolex in 1945 after 40 years of their watchmaking. Here, their central link is split into three, thereby giving it a very sleek look.

They get introduced with gold and steel finish, but these days, the primary links come in different metal shades. This flexible metal watch bracelet has extensive use and adds value to the watch face it holds.

President Bracelet

Rolex created one of the most expensive types of watch strap for President Eisenhower of the United States, and hence the name. The president watch bands usually get made from gold and titanium, and the precious stones may adorn the central links. They are very expensive, and the links are smaller and hence more flexible than the oyster bands.

Engineer Bracelet

Seiko watch company came up with this type of watch strap, which got made from five links placed next to each other. Each link was so-shaped, giving the bracelet a hexagonal look.

These bracelets get made from metal and are quite heavy and suitable for those with thick, strong hands. You can also fix this strap to the simple watch face and tone down its bulkiness, in case you are comfortable with a sleeker look.

Aviator Band

This type of watch bands got introduced by the Germans during the second world war, for their armed forces. They got made from leather, were rugged, had rivets to hold on to large watches. These days pilots use these types of straps for their chronograph watches, giving a bulky appearance to the entire wrist wear.

Perlon Strap

These straps came into the Europeon market around the same time as the tropic watch bands. These tightly knitted nylon bands were water-resistant, light, durable, and did not have holes for the buckle latch. They got introduced with an adjustable locking mechanism, allowing the same strap to get used by people with different wrist sizes.

Waffle Strap

Another nylon watchband got introduced by Seiko in the 70s and was a great hit due to its lightness, breathability, and low maintenance. However, they are no more available in the market these days.

Tropic Straps

By 1960, the heavier metal straps got replaced with these tropic watch bands. Made from a unique rubber material, they were light and got preferred by swimmers and sportsperson. Very soon, these straps permeated across ages came in a variety of designs, fitted all types of watches, and were water-proof and light.

Watch Strap Material

Watch straps get made from different materials, and you choose a belt that matches your watch and your fashion quotient. Here are some commonly used materials that get used in making watch bracelets:

Stainless Steel





Those who do not support cruelty to animals prefer watch straps made from vegetable fibers. They are not as durable or elegant as leather, but comes in different shades and are equally natural on the skin.


Strengthened ceramic gets used in creating bracelets for your watches. They come in shiny, floral, or gold-lined designs. These bands need to get worn with care but provide a unique look to your watch and style.


Straps of watches get made from a variety of wood designs and provide a very ethnic look to the bracelet.


Nylon watch straps are light and very durable. They are water-proof and last quite long, even with rough handling.


Silicone and polyurethane materials get used to producing some of the latest watch straps, which get preferred by the youth, athletes, and swimmers.

How Loose Or Tight Should You Wear The Watch Strap

This is your personal choice since some like their watch to get worn tight, while others don’t. There are certain types of watch straps that have to get worn tight, while others could be flexible.

Metal bracelet straps are worn a little loose, compared to the leather, nylon, and rubber straps. Here are some reasons how we wear our watches:


Comfort and style are essential aspects you must have in mind while choosing your watch and the bracelet. More massive the watch and the strap, you will want to have a snugger fit your wrist. Smaller watch and lighter strap can get worn a little lose. It all depends upon your comfort and style quotient.


Different types of watches and straps are worn loose and tight, depending upon how they look on you. It also depends upon your attire and the event you are attending. Some types of watches can never get worn loose, especially the large and heavy ones.


Weather also plays a part in the way you wear your watch. If it’s hot and humid, you might like to keep your watch a little loose compared to a colder climate.

In-between Size

There are few wrist sizes, which are not the regular size; hence your watch is either loose or tight. It is always better to wear your watch a little loose than tight, with the strap biting into your skin.


Watch straps generally must be comfortable on your wrist: not very loose, nor very tight. Watch faces come in different shapes and sizes, and the straps or bracelets are of different materials.

If you are running and swimming, you prefer rubber or nylon straps, which are fastened tight to your wrists. However, when you are wearing a leather or stainless steel watch bracelets, you would prefer them to be a little loose.

Metal straps, if worn tight, leave the impression of the band on your wrist, and makes the movement of your hand a little awkward, due to its bulkiness. On the other hand, if you wear leather straps tightly to your wrist, the sweat accumulated between the belt and the skin damages the bracelet over time.

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