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Bracelet Vs. Rubber Strap

Bracelet Vs Rubber Strap

Bracelet Vs Rubber Strap

This chart will give you a clear idea about the differences between bracelet and rubber strap. You will be able to choose the right strap after looking at the chart. Bracelet Rubber

Strap Bracelet lasts longer because it's made of high quality material and it's easy to clean.Rubber also lasts long but it attracts dirt so it's loses it's shine. Bracelet can be heavy and can be expensive. Rubber is light and inexpensive.

Bracelet can get damaged when exposed to water.Rubber strap doesn't get damaged by water. Bracelet can be made of precious metal.There is no precious rubber. Bracelet is made of various materials which gives a lot of customization.Is made of rubber so there is limited customization.

Various Kinds Of Watches

Many manufacturing units opened up, creating these sleek masterpieces. Here are some well-known watch types in the market place:

  1. Digital watch

  2. Analog watch

  3. Automatic watch

  4. Diving watch

  5. Quartz watch

  6. Chronograph watch

  7. Dress watch

  8. Field watch

  9. Pilot watch

  10. Luxury watch

  11. Smartwatch

  12. Mechanical watch

Types Of Straps

Here are different types of watch straps that got introduced along with the newer varieties of watches:

  1. NATO strap

  2. Zulu strap

  3. Oyster bracelet

  4. Jubilee bracelet

  5. President bracelet

  6. Engineer bracelet

  7. Perlon strap

  8. Aviator band

  9. Waffle strap

  10. Tropic strap

Types Of Materials

Watch straps get made of different kinds of materials. Let’s look at some of them:

Stainless Steel



Leather straps for watches have been in fashion for a long time, which provides the wearer a rugged look. Depending on the clock’s size, the width of the strap gets chosen to balance the entire look.

Various types of leather have got experimented with and dyed with natural and metallic colors; designs get embossed on the leather surface and have two types of locks. They are either open-type with holes on the strap’s side to allow the latch pin to lock it in. The premium watches offer an adjustable latch, just like the metal straps.


These types of watch straps are preferred by those who wear their watch in a moisture-laden environment. If you are off to the beach, plan to visit the sauna, or plan to swim, this band is most suitable.

Chemicals and dyes get added to make the strap secure and also add color shades. Self designs and motifs get fabricated on the surface of the belt, giving them a unique look.


Nylon fabric with stripes and designs is another watch strap that has got used for quite some time. They are open-ended and are latched together with fixed or adjustable lock.


Bracelets made of good quality wood and provide an ethnic outlook to the watch, are rare and must be in sync with the watch face.


These straps get reinforced with ceramic materials, giving you a fashionable outlook – very high-end watches sports such bracelets.

What Is Watch Bracelet


These get considered as very durable, and most iconic watch brands introduced their watches with metal straps or bracelets.

They get worn during all weather conditions and get wiped dry with soft tissues to remove all moisture from its surface and crevices. They come in different varieties, suiting your requirement. You can wear them regularly, go to the office, or a party.


For a polished and shiny surface, metal bracelets will suit your requirement. You have to consider the type of watch, dial, casing, and it’s the weight before you can decide about the strap.

If the watch is not metallic in appearance, you will have to choose a non-shiny metallic bracelet strap for your watch. If you think that your watch face will go better with fabric or leather strap, choose accordingly.


The next area of focus is the weight of the watch itself. We know that metal straps are more substantial than other types of watch bands. The composite importance of both must be to your liking.

If you feel that your watch is already massive, you might want lighter strap materials, unless you like wearing bulky watches. Your wrist size also plays an integral part in making such decisions.


Another area of consideration is the size of your watch face. If they are small, you must choose sleek metal bracelets for your watch. More significant, the watch exterior, broader will be your metal strap. This, too, will lead to making your overall watch heavy, hence must get decided with care.


Taking care of metal straps is another crucial aspect of your decision-making process. Though stainless steel and high-end watch bracelets boast of water resistance and scratch-proof, you still have to be careful. Incase your watch and strap have soiled, remove the coating with a wet soft lint-free cloth. Then pat dry with cotton or tissue materials.

Health Concerns

Since most of the metal bracelets get made from links and joints, you must be careful in keeping such materials free of dirt and moisture. Check for any sharp edges that will harm your skin. If you exhibit any allergic reaction or develop stains on your wrist, avoid wearing such bracelets.

Rubber Strap

Rubber watch straps gained popularity around the 1970s. Many well-known watch brands came up with their matching straps from rubber materials. Bonetto Cinturini, an Italian manufacturer, came up with rubber watch straps in the 1980s and was considered the largest supplier to date to many famous watchmakers.

Types Of Rubber Strap


Earlier, the rubber straps did not last long; however, today, we have the vulcanized nitrile rubber, which has much better tenacity. Large manufacturers produce these straps with constant up-gradation to its chemical composition.


This gets made from thermoplastic vinyl polymer and is quite durable. It has full application in the watch strap market but not in the high-end watch market.


Polyurethane rubber is durable but not as comfortable as the natural rubber and not widely manufactured for watch straps, though it has elastic properties.


Some watchmakers offer silicone rubber with their product, though not widely used. These straps attract dust, lint, and becomes sticky over time.


Sometimes isoprene and neoprene get used with rubber to produce these unique rubber straps. But since they are costly, they have limited use in the watch market.

Benefits Of Rubber Strap

Rubber straps are quite durable, and many well-known brands have been using these straps as standard for their sports, fitness, and diving watches. Some of the benefits of rubber straps are:

  1. These straps are quite durable.

  2. They are resistant to salt and freshwater.

  3. Non-toxic and non-allergenic properties are present in such straps.

  4. Rubber straps are UV ray resistant.

  5. They are non-conducive to electricity.

  6. It is easy to clean these watch straps.

  7. They fit well on your wrist.

  8. Since the straps are unisex, both men and women could wear these watches.

  9. The straps are elastic and supple.

  10. Since cheaper, the straps can get replaced quickly if lost or damaged.

  11. They are quite stylish.

  12. They are light compared to metal straps.

  13. Bonetto Cinturini straps are vanilla scented.

  14. These straps are scratch-resistant.

With so many benefits, rubber straps are trendy. Its lower cost also allows you to experiment with a few such straps. However, your watch face and casing must be compatible with wearing your rubber straps.

Advantages Of Bracelets

Metal watch bracelets get made from stainless steel and iconic watch manufacturer Rolex, introduced their precision watches with these bracelets. These got made of three horizontal rows of segments, joined together, with the central band providing the required strength and support. Let’s look at some of their advantages:

  1. These types of watch straps are very durable and long-lasting.

  2. They give you a bulky look, and if you prefer large watches and have full wrist, then this is the strap for you.

  3. These straps usually are worn a little loose on your wrist, so there is no discoloration and impression on your skin.

  4. They give you a professional look and is preferred bracelet during all official occasions.

  5. These types of straps go well with suits and formal wear and hence the best options during marriage and other formal events.

  6. Titanium, gold plated bracelets indicate your stature and wealth in the society.

  7. They usually are water-resistant and hence do not get damaged if they get wet by mistake.

  8. Since the material is scratch-resistant, you will not deface them easily, unless the coating gets damaged.

  9. The base material gets treated with metallic pigments, to provide you with shades and color to your shiny bracelets.

  10. Rhinestones get fixed to the metallic links to give you an elegant look.

  11. Gold, rose-gold plating is standard these days, which could be either gloss or matte.

These watch straps remain shiny and scratch-proof over a long period, provide you take care of them regularly.

Do not unnecessarily wet them or get them soiled. In case they get dirty or wet due to sweat and grime, wipe with the cleanest cotton lint-free cloth. Wipe and pat dry with soft tissue. Store away from atmospheric moisture and pollution.


Metallic bracelets and rubber straps that adorn your watches have their own sets of benefits and disadvantages. Both have their niche market to boast of. Bracelets need to match the watch face and casing, to enhance the overall look to your wrist.

They generally get worn a little loose, so the watch is comfortable, and you can flex your hand freely. They suit your professional and official engagements. More straightforward bracelets also get worn regularly, due to its low maintenance costs.

On the other hand, Rubber straps get worn with watches that get preferred for all sporting events to your gym and fitness training. They get worn when you plan to go swimming or deep-sea diving. They are light-weight, water-resistant, and scratch-proof.

These straps can have tyre tread designs, grooves, or motifs embossed on their surface. They are affordable and hence can get replaced. However, every watch with rubber straps are unique and matching straps would get needed for any replacement.  They are very durable, comes in varied shades, and remain intact for long.

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