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Can Bracelet Be Worn As Anklets?


The jewelry that gets worn around the wrist is known as a bracelet. When such a bracelet is around the ankle, it gets to be known as an anklet. The bracelet, which gets worn on the upper part of the arm, is known as an armlet. The word bracelet has got coined from Greek and French words.

Bracelet can be worn as anklets but people prefers to buy anklets separately. A bracelets that is flexible, has chains or links, can be worn as anklets. These bracelets must also be long enough to go around your ankles and the fastener must be sturdy enough to hold the ends together.

Little Bit About Bracelet

The history of bracelets can get traced back to 5000 B.C to the Egyptian civilization along the river Nile. They got used as jewelry and had religious and medicinal significance. Archaeologists have got them discovered in the tombs and mummies, and you can find them at museums around the world, with proper dates and periods.


Rigid bracelets that get made from metal, alloys, wood, glass, and even shell adorn the wrist of women worldwide. Precious and semi-precious stones get set on these bangles to add value and significance to this jewelry. You need to choose the right size, depending upon your wrist width, since they get worn by sliding through your fingers and hand.

Beaded Bangles

Beads get threaded together in string or elastic, to give bangle like shape, to slip into your hands. These are meant for casual wear and are very colorful. Quality of the beads and stones sets its value and the occasion where they can get worn. Charms and personal trinkets get threaded together and worn with sentiments attached to such jewelry.


Jewelry with incomplete circumference gets known as penannular bracelets. They get usually made from similar metals and alloys, set with precious and other crystals. Since it is open at one end, it fits into the wrist of various sizes. These bracelets either remain open or get linked with a chain and lock.

Link Bracelets

Some bracelets get made from metal links connected, one after another. These links get made out of various metals, including gold and silver. Stones could also get set on these links to give it a vibrant appearance. They usually have locks at one end. Depending upon the type of links, they are either fixed or adjustable.

Leather Bracelets

Leather has also got its pride of place in the fashion of bracelets. Different quality of leather gets used in this construction. The styles vary between sleek polished to braided types.

They usually can get adjusted with various wrist sizes, since these bracelets are secured with the help of watch strap fasteners or can get tied together. These types of bracelets are fashionable and get worn by both males and females.

Various Types Of Anklets


In ancient times Egyptian women wore anklets, made of precious metals, studded with gems. Certain parts of Europe also saw the proliferation of this fashion among women folks. Let’s now look at some anklet options, which are in vogue, even today.


This type of anklet is prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. They also get called the nupur or ghungur. Each of these ornaments gets worn around the ankles, and are in chain form. They can be adjusted as per ankle size and get fastened on one end using the ‘s’ latch. They get made from various base metals, but most are silver. They could be in the form of a chain, with multiple segments attached to it.

These anklets also have metallic links, connected, and has crystals mounted on each of these links. Small bells get attached to this foot jewelry so that a pleasing sound emanates when you move around. This piece of jewelry looks very delicate and light in weight. In some cultures, women wear payaal only on one leg but mostly get worn on both.

Ghungur, on the other hand, has small bells attached to a sturdy leather or cotton band, which gets fastened to the angles with straps or tied together. Dancers usually wear this type of ornament.

All anklets get attached on one end, either through locks or tied together. A fixed variety of anklets is impossible since they have to slid across the broad feet and ankles.

Leather Anklets

Anklets also get made up of leather, which gives you a rugged look. Beads and trinkets get attached on the sides of such anklets. Braided leather also gets used as another type of design for such anklets. They are fastened on one end with straps and can get adjusted as per your feet type.



You have dainty anklets for the beach, with just colorful beads, stringed together. For the party, the anklets would be shimmering gold plated chains with rhinestones glued together on hanging design motifs.

Multiple simple anklets could be worn together as an ensemble, giving a wholesome look to your visible, bare feet. Anklets sometime get connected to a ring on your toe or any other fingers on your feet. You can flaunt such an anklet, only when you wear very simple slip-on, or at home, without any footwear!


Bracelets can get worn with all types of garments and for various occasions. They get worn with formal clothing too. The material and quality of the bracelet differ depending upon your attire. However, anklets can get worn only with a shorter dress and skirts.

If your feet get covered with long clothing and pants, your anklets will not be visible. Your footwear also reflects the use of anklets. You will not feel like wearing anklets with socks and stockings. They usually get worn on bare legs with simple shoes and slip-on.

Bracelets As Anklets

Anklets cannot be the fixed types since they cannot be worn by sliding up your feet and across the ankles. You can only wear the latchable types. They also must be light in weight and delicate to look at. However, at the same time, anklets must be sturdy enough to remain attached to your feet, with your various routine activities.

Hence, only those bracelets that are flexible, made of chains or links, and would be suitable on your feet, can get considered for anklets. These bracelets must also be long enough to go around your feet, at the ankles. The fastener must be sturdy enough to hold the ends together.

Bracelets which do not get damaged easily through moisture must be chosen. Since you plan to wear this bracelet on your feet, you may have to clean them, once they get dirty. Silver, alloys of metals, copper, brass, and similar materials could be identified, for your anklets. Leather bracelets can also get chosen as anklets, if found suitable.

The crystals and beads which are large enough must get identified for anklets. Smaller stones and fine designs will not be visible from your feet, and hence this must be kept in mind when choosing your bracelet for your anklet. 

Taking Care

Whether it’s is your bracelet or anklet, you must take care of this piece of jewelry with utmost care. Wipe with soft tissue or absorbent cloth, and get all moisture removed. If cleaning gets required, pay attention to the materials of these jewelry, and decide the method and solvent accordingly.

Store the bracelets and anklets in moisture free environment, if the materials of these ornaments are averse to atmospheric humidity. Those which get made of gold, silver, and precious gems, you can wear them for longer period of time. Ensure that they are cleaned with soft brush and mild soap on a regular basis, to retain their shine and brilliance.

Casual and formal jewelry should get stored and used sparingly. Certain materials require expert cleaning and repair. Do not try to endeavor maintaining them yourself. Especially jewelry made of rhinestone settings and leather materials. They all need special handling. In case you have to extend your bracelet to wear it as anklet on your feet, seek expert advice.


Bracelets and anklets have been worn by humans over various past civilization. The materials, structure and design have undergone immense changes. Engineered and artificial materials have replaced the base metals and precious stones. Caring and repair of these jewelry also have undergone changes.

Bracelets are worn around the wrist with both, fixed and adjustable types. However, in the case of anklets, you can only wear the flexible types, since the ends have to get fixed around the ankle and jewelry cannot slide though your feet. Bracelets comes in various forms and styles. All designs and materials are not suitable for anklets.

Hence, you have to choose the right kind of bracelet to wear them as anklets. Bracelets made of chains and links are most apt for anklets. Crystals, stones and beads, which are prone to get damaged with contact with moisture must get avoided for such a solution. Base metals and their alloys must get identified for such decisions.

Bracelets must be light-weight and sturdy. Also, they must have proper locking features, so that when worn as anklet, they should not give way easily.

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