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Can Diffuser Bracelets Get Wet?

These days bracelets get made from precious metals, studded with gemstones and rhinestones. You also have the leather bracelets, made from genuine leather, with varied thickness and designs. Let’s now find out about diffuser bracelets, materials that get used, purpose, and how you can maintain them.

Can diffuser bracelets get wet? Yes, diffuser bracelet can get wet, and it can store the moisture, thus reducing its effectiveness. So, it’s better to wash your diffuser bracelet with a cloth immediately after it gets wet. Don’t wear diffuser bracelet in the shower as it will reduce its effectiveness.

Diffuser Bracelet

Any bracelet, which can hold on to the essential oils applied to them, can get termed as diffuser bracelets. Throughout the day, the diffuser oil present on the bracelet’s surface reacts with the atmospheric air and provides you with a pleasing aroma. This acts as your diffuser, and hence the name for your bracelet!

What Are They Made Of

These bracelets get made from lava stones since they have porous properties to store the essential oils sprayed on them. They also have inherent abilities to make you feel calm, poised, and secure. These beads get made from lava rocks.

Other oil-absorbing materials get used for diffuser bracelets. We also use leather, wood, and clay in creating our bracelets. The braided leather design gets used for the diffuser bracelet, which helps in retaining the oil molecules.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

You can make a diffuser bracelet on your own. Let’s see the materials required for this and the process. We need:

  1. Lava beads

  2. Other gemstone beads

  3. Good quality bracelet cord

  4. Scissors

  5. Glue

Measure your wrist size and decide the length of the bracelet, you wish to create. Choose a minimum of 5-6 lava stones. Depending upon the size and texture of these stones, choose the other gemstones that will go along. Take the required length of the bracelet cord, and stretch a little before you commence beading the rocks.

You can create the bracelet as per your choice, and once the beading gets done, tie the ends together tightly in a square or double knot. To make the knot secure and hold the beads, apply a little glue to the knot and remove the excess cord. Once you have created a masterpiece, wear the bracelet proudly with your attire.

Choose any of these essential oils for your bracelets:

  1. Orange

  2. Lavender

  3. Jasmine

  4. Clary Sage

  5. Blend

Leather Bracelet

Leather bracelets are available off the shelf. Choose genuine leather with braided designs to hold the oil molecules. Take 2-3 drops of your preferred essential oil between your thumb and fingers, gently massage them onto the leather surface. Rub the oil until all of them get absorbed into the leather materials. Your leather diffuser bracelet is now ready to be worn.

These bracelets also have lockets with washable pads in them. By wetting these pads with the oil, you avoid dropping the oil on the leather band. This method helps you change your aroma from leather bracelets since it is not possible to wash your leather bracelets.

Wooden Beads

Wooden bracelets or bracelets made out of wooden beads also gets used as a diffuser bracelet. Similarly, rub the chosen diffuser oil into the wood surface of your beads, and once the entire oil gets transferred, your bracelet is ready for use.

Clay Bracelets

Clay plates or clay beads can be stringed together into a colorful bracelet. Since burnt clay has a porous surface, essential oil molecules get into them and evaporate in the atmosphere to emanate a sweet fragrance.

Benefits Of Essential Oil

For thousands of years, plants have offered us innumerable benefits, and here are some essential oils and their immediate impact on you:


This essential oil calms you and helps you to sleep well. It helps to soothe your skin irritations.


For all your indigestion and headaches, this oil is of great help.


Orange, lime, lemon, and grapefruit freshen up the environment and aids in the upliftment of your mood.

These essential oil gets used differently, including application to your diffuser bracelets.

Types Of Essential Oils

essential oil


The ultrasonic diffusers use vibrations to break down the molecules of these oils, so they disperse in the atmospheric air as a fine mist.


Some thicker essential oils like sandalwood, require a specific temperature to break down the oil molecules and mix with the surrounding air. The heat diffuser uses an indirect heat source to do this activity.


These oils get used in diffuser bracelets, where the molecules easily get broken down with the atmosphere to provide you the preferred aroma.


Some oils need force to disperse and hence require diffusers like the spray can activate such molecules.

How To Apply Essential Oils

Take a few drops of the essential oil and rub gently on your bracelet materials. Whether it’s lava stone, leather, clay, or wood, the oil quickly gets absorbed in these materials and diffuses during your use of the bracelets. Some essential oil aroma remains longer than others.

Be very careful when you apply essential oil on your diffuser surfaces since if by mistake we rub this oil on other metals and bracelet elements, we might damage them. Wear proper protective hand gloves while applying the oil on your bracelet, since it might affect you if your skin is sensitive.

Some Points To Ponder

You need to keep in mind some tips while using your diffuser bracelet and essential oils:

  1. You must replace chemical-rich sprays and deodorants with natural essential oils. There are umpteen options from where you can choose the oil, or its blend, which is to your preference and liking.

  2. If you prefer different essential oil aroma, you could wear multiple bracelets, with one drop of oil applied to each.

  3. For your garden party, or visit to the park, you can use a mix of these essential oils: Lemongrass, Citronella, and Geranium. This combined aroma keeps bugs, including mosquitoes away.

  4. A diffuser bracelet is a beautiful gift for your friends and family. You can make this activity very personal, if you offer alongwith essential oil, with the aroma of their choice.

Branded Diffuser Bracelets

Here are some branded diffuser bracelets you can purchase online:

Jack & Rose Diffuser Bracelet

This unique bracelet gets made of the genuine leather band with stainless steel locket. The locket opens easily with a touch and is durable and safe. The pendant holds the changeable colorful cotton pads, where you can add your chosen essential oil.

The color pads can get worn with your matching dress and the aroma, which complements the occasion, wafting around you. You can remove the fragrance from your washable pads with alcohol and water, leaving them dry and ready for the next use. The leather bracelet and steel casing is just wiped with a soft cloth and stored when not in use.


  1. It comes with good quality stainless steel locket casing, which is leak-proof.

  2. There are eight multicolored, washable pads to match your dress.

  3. These pads absorb and disperse oil very well.


  1. The leather band has a finite number of holes to fasten the belt around your wrist. In case your wrist is skinny, you may have to add a few holes on your own.

Housweety Bracelet

The bracelet band gets made from black silicone material, with steel pendant in front. The locket has a matte finish and stores the colored, changeable cotton pad. This bracelet comes with 11 shades of pads, which you can match your dress, and the aroma complementing your fashion statement.


  1. The band gets made from silicone and is adjustable to suit your wrist size.

  2. The locket is made from stainless steel and is durable.

  3. The pads are good absorbent of the essential oil.


  1. You have to adjust the band as per your wrist size before wearing it.

Romanda Diffuser Bracelet

Adjustable stainless steel bracelet with a steel locket in front and the band gets adjusted as per your wrist size. The pendant can open easily to accommodate the colorful cotton pads, which can get treated with different types of essential oils.

The pads are washable, and you can change the aroma by wiping the pads with alcohol and rinsing with tap water. These pads get allowed to dry and apply fresh drops of oil for future use.

Since the entire bracelet gets made of stainless steel, including the locket, you can wash with mild shampoo, water, and wipe dry with a soft linen cloth.


  1. It gets entirely made from stainless steel, and hence can get maintained better from sweat and moisture.

  2. The bracelet is sturdy and can get adjusted up to 3 inches in circumference.

  3. The pads absorb the oil and dissipate the fragrance throughout the day.


  1. Some of the pads provided with the bracelet, do not fit inside the locket and has to get resized.

Banana Bucket Adjustable Bracelet

This is an adjustable bracelet made of genuine lava stones. The porous nature of these stones helps you absorb the essential oil and dissipate the soothing aroma, thought out the day. Since the bracelet is put together with a cord, which is waterproof, you can clean this band with warm water and mild soap.


  1. The bracelet construction is sturdy and fits all types of wrist measurement.

  2. The lava stones provided are quite porous and retains the essential oil for an extended period.

  3. This type of bracelet is unisex and can get used by both men and women.


  1. The bracelet strings must get adequately secured to your wrist.

Bivei Lava Rock Stone Bracelet

Good quality elastic gets used to string together with few original lava stones, along with contrasting semi-precious stones. Irrespective of your wrist size, you can slip this bracelet easily through your fingers. The lava rocks get rubbed with essential oil as per your choice. You can purchase a set of six bracelets, with different shades of stones, to match your dress.

The stones and the elastic are waterproof and hence can get cleaned with water and mild shampoo. However, it is advisable to keep these bracelets dry by patting them with an absorbent cloth.


  1. They get made from natural lava and semi-precious stones.

  2. Sturdy elastic helps the bracelet to fit well in various wrist types.

  3. Different shades of stones allow you to have a collection of these bracelets and wear those that complement your fashion statement.


  1. Everyone may not prefer to wear colored gemstones on their bracelet and hence would avoid investing in them.

Can Diffuser Bracelet Get Wet


Do not wear your bracelet to the shower or for a swim. The diffusing material’s pores will get clogged with moisture and impurities, and the diffusing properties will get lost. Humidity will also damage the rest of your bracelet, and the glue or elasticity will give way, if not wiped and dried immediately.

Remember to remove your bracelet before any moisture-related activity, enabling you to preserve your jewelry. These diffusing materials have properties to retain the oil and emanate the aroma over a long period. Lava stone can soak in water a little better than leather or wood.

Hence, as a thumb rule, if your bracelet gets wet, wipe dry immediately.

Do not allow any of your bracelets to remain wet over a while. Leather and wood will lose their original properties and would get deformed after drying.

How To Clean Your Diffuser Bracelet

Lava beads are the most preferred materials that get used in diffuser bracelets. Bracelets may get soiled, or you may wish to change the perfume that got used earlier. When we wear the bracelet on our wrist, they come in contact with sweat, dirt, and moisture. Let’s look at some options to clean them without damaging the bracelet.

Soap And Water

Take a bowl of warm water, and add a small quantity of mild shampoo or body wash, preferably with no aroma. Agitate the water, so you mix the soap thoroughly, and bubbles appear. Soak your lava bead bracelet in this mixture for few minutes so that the earlier used essential oil molecules, dirt particles, and other impurities get dissolved or loosened with this process.

With a used toothbrush, lightly scrub over the beads’ surface to pry out these materials. Once you have cleansed the bracelet sufficiently, hold under running tap water to clean it from all the dirt. Wash with warm water, if any aroma persists on the beads. Pat dry the bracelet with a soft absorbing cloth. Ensure all the moisture gets removed before you store your bracelet.

Take enough precautions to ensure that other parts of the bracelet don’t get affected if they are not water and soap resistant.

Vinegar And Warm Water

In case you do not wish to clean your bracelet with soap water, there is another option. In a bowl of water, mix a spoon of vinegar well. Take a piece of soft, lint-free cloth, dip into the mixture. Slowly rub this wet cloth over the diffuser beads and pry loose the dirt and grime. Very soon, most of the dust would get transferred to your fabric.

Now wash the beads with warm water to get all traces of vinegar gets removed along with the loosened impurities. Pat dry the bracelet with soft absorbing cloth, so no traces of moisture is left.


Diffuser bracelets get made from various types of materials, which are porous and can hold essential oil molecules over a long period. They get made from lava stones, leather, wood, and burnt clay.

You also have stainless steel and silicone bracelets with lockets made from steel, holding absorbent pads for the oils. Even leather bracelets have a separate pendant for the oil, to avoid the leather surface to get disfigured with the oil.

Some of these bracelets can get wet like the lava beads and crystals, stainless casings. However, getting wet in the shower and swimming to get avoided. Even if they get wet, you must quickly pat them dry using soft tissues and absorbent cloth. You must be careful in exposing some parts of the bracelet to moisture, oil, or chemicals.

We can use warm water, mild soap, and vinegar to clean the lava stone diffuser bracelets. This is required to change the essential oil aroma from the jewelry. However, in the case of lockets, the washable pads hold the oil and can get replaced with other pads. Also, these cotton pads are washable with alcohol and water and hence can get reused.

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