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Can I Wear Charm Bracelet In The Shower?


Can I wear charm bracelet in the shower? It’s best not to wear a charm bracelet in the shower as they can get wet and can get damaged. It will begin to rust if it is repeatedly exposed to water. The damage will not be visible immediately, but over time your charm bracelet will get damaged. So avoid taking it in the shower.

Beaded And Charm Bracelets

Different colored beads are joined together with string or elastic to form bracelets, worn by the younger females as part of their attire or other jewelry ensembles.

Charm bracelets are in vogue today. Various materials get used to assemble such a bracelet. They get marketed for multiple purposes, and all young adults get seen wearing them.

Types Of Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets have been in existence from the early civilization days, but today, they get worn for fashion. Let’s look at the four types of these bracelets in some details:

Italian Charm Bracelets

This is a link bracelet, connected to form a wristlet. Typically, such bracelets have eighteen links and a similar number of charms attached to each link. They come in a modular fashion, where you can replace the links as per your choice. The link faces are blank, and you can fasten charms on each link as per your personality.

The material that gets used to create each link is stainless steel, with gold plated on each of its faces. The charms or stones that get attached to each link could get fixed with glue.

Traditional Charm Bracelets

Traditional charm bracelets get made from chain links, and material of this bracelet varies between bronze, copper, sterling silver, or gold. The trinkets that hang from these chain links could get made from any content, and are deeply personal.

You can replace them as per your liking, and the theme includes religious beliefs, love for flora and fauna, or fascinated towards sailing and paragliding!

European Charm Bracelets

These bracelets are very similar to Italian bracelets, except that the links are round, compared to rectangular shapes of the Italian bracelets.

These metal, ceramic, and other types of trinkets are passed through a thin metallic chain, to hold these charms together. You can change these pieces as per your emotions and wardrobe.

Leather Charm Bracelets


Significance Of Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets signify a particular milestone in the wearer’s life; it could be birth, graduation ceremony, courtship, or marriage. Others wear them purely for fashion. You usually attach anything between 17 to 22 charms on your bracelets.

Materials Used In Charm Bracelets

As we have seen, charm bracelets mostly get made from metals like gold, silver, copper, and bronze. We also use alloys of metals and leather to string your trinkets together. The charms could be in the form of semi-precious beads and stones.

Wearing Your Charm Bracelet To The Shower

Most of your charm bracelet gets made from alloys of metals, adorned with semi-precious stones and trinkets. They can get wet but need to be dried immediately since water particles react with the metal coating and damage the covering. You must avoid all types of soap and other chemicals to react with the bracelet surface regularly.

Hence, it is not desirable to wear your charm bracelet to your shower regularly. You need to take care of this piece of jewelry, as you would all your other artificial wearable. If you wet your bracelet by accident, you must quickly pat dry with a soft, absorbent cloth.

Some Well Known Charm Bracelets

Let’s look at some charm bracelets and their salient features:

Gucci Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Bracelet

This astounding charm bracelet gets made from a sterling silver link chain, with a heart-shaped charm attached to the front. You can adjust the chain and secure around your wrist.

Ettika Shell Charm Bracelet

Made from 18k gold plated metal, this charm bracelet is in the form of chain links, with well-sculpted sea shells hanging from the links. Bracelet gets secured with lobster latch and could be adjusted with additional links, depending on your wrist size.

Macy’s Diamond Accent Heart Tag Chain Bracelet

18k gold plating gets done on silver chain links, and each ring gets accented with diamond sparkle. There’s a heart-shaped golden charm at one end, with a lobster clasp to secure the bracelet.

Gorjana Ana Coin Bracelet

This light-weight bracelet gets made from 18k gold plated metal chain, with small engraved coins hanging from each link, giving it an antique look.

Macy’s Vermeil Bracelet Lira Coin Charm Bracelet

These elegant looking chain bracelets have actual Italian coins hanging from the chain segments. The 14k gold and silver get used alternately to provide you with a vibrant and stunning look.

Monica Vinader Alta Capture Gold Vermeil Charm Bracelet

For small wrists, this is a beautiful addition to your bracelet collection. Made from seven links, coated with gold plating, you can add at least two charms per segment. You can either wear it as a unique chain link or have trinkets hanging from the sections as per your style statement. You can have color options in this type of bracelet.

Tiffany & Co. Heart Tag Charm Bracelet

Made from sterling silver, this unique chain-linked bracelet is a beautiful collection for your jewelry box. The heart-shaped charm provides you with the option to engrave messages at additional costs. Depending upon your wrist size, you could choose the appropriate bracelet.

Kendra Scott Elaina Birthstone Bracelet

This is a 14k gold plated chain link, with clasp lock, which makes it convenient to adjust as per your wrist size. You can choose your birthstone, which gets situated at the front of your bracelet.

Pandora Moments Collection Sterling Silver Barrel Clasp Bracelet

Here, we get a unique barrel-shaped bracelet, which gets made from sterling silver. You get other sizes as per wrist width and can get worn as it is, or you can screw the required charms to the bracelet. This secures the charms and gives you an exquisite look.

Alex And Ani Birthstone Expandable Wire Bangle

This stylish-looking but the straightforward bracelet gets made from the gold plated wire-like structure, which can be adjusted, as per wrist size. Swarovski colored crystals as per your month of birth get worn, with three simple charms hanging to the side.

Pixiu Bracelet

Pixiu is a famous celestial animal in the world of feng shui, attracting wealth. You can create your pixiu bracelet with the help of good quality elastic cord, shiny motif, and complementing wooden or ceramic beads. Following precautions to get followed when wearing this charm bracelet:

  1. Anyone aged below 16 or over 70 must avoid this bracelet, along with pregnant women.

  2. You must wear a pixiu charm bracelet on your right hand to attract wealth, as per the feng shui mandate.

  3. Pixiu’s head and face must point outwards from your wrist, to be of benefit.

  4. You should not bathe with this charm bracelet and must be kept in the living room when you are not wearing this. Do not keep this bracelet in your bedroom.

  5. If the bracelet gets soiled, wash with plain water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

Other Forms Of Bracelets

Bracelets have evolved over the years. Link bracelets are a chain made of various elements linked together and worn as a bracelet with a clasp. These bracelets have a combination of metals and stones on the linked chain, which gets worn around the wrist.

Sports Bracelets

Silicon-based wristbands got introduced in sports and sporting gears. They get used extensively in tennis, climbing, and many other sporting events. Similar materials get used nowadays for various awareness campaigns, similar to ribbon worn on the arm or the chest.

POW Bracelet

During the Vietnam war, there were innumerable American soldiers killed and missing. A student group in California decided to create the Prisoner of war bracelets, with name, rank, and missing date on these bands.

Nearly five million bracelets got sold and distributed across the nation. People wore them till the concerned army personnel got released, returned, or their ash received.

Memorial Bracelet

Similar memorial bracelets got made after the Iraqi and Afghanistan war by the American army personnel. They inscribed their colleague’s name, rank, the place where they lost their life and date. This got worn by them as a remembrance of the lost soldier!


Bracelets from metals and glass, which are round and smooth, are worn by the womenfolk in India. They come in various forms and hues.

They are differently worn, depending upon the occasion. Purchasing bangles at fairs and stores are a ritual here. Young children generally wear bracelets made of copper or gold, for their excellent health.


Charm bracelets were worn in ancient times to protect you from all kinds of danger. However, in recent times, we wear them as any other artificial jewelry. We choose the type of trinkets that will add value to your fashion quotient. Precious and semi-precious stones get used, and gold and silver plating are applied to bracelet metals, giving them a luxurious look.

Since most of them get coated surfaces, they tend to react with moisture and other liquids, leading to discoloration of the jewelry. Hence it is advisable to immediately pat dry with soft tissues or cloth if your bracelets get wet. Do not unnecessarily get the bracelets wet in the shower or at the beach.

Jewelry must get stored in dry surroundings when not in use. Make it a habit to remove the charm bracelet, and then walk into your shower. Soap, shampoo, perfume, or other chemicals, react differently with different alloys of metal, leather, and faux stones and artifacts. If not checked, very soon, this jewelry would lose its sheen and not sparkle as in the past!

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