Can Magnetic Bracelet Get Wet?

Though the primary purpose of wearing a bracelet is for fashion, they also get worn as bands to commemorate an occasion or event. Magnetic bracelet is one of those bracelets that has a magnet around it.

Though the primary purpose of wearing a bracelet is for fashion, they also get worn as bands to commemorate an occasion or event.

The material used in bracelet making is quite diverse – gold, silver, copper, leather, fabric, or resin. Magnets are attached around the bracelet so that it doesn’t fall from the hand and also can give you the benefits of magnets.

A magnetic bracelet can get wet. However, since it is made of metal, it won’t easily get damaged if it is exposed to fluid for a few times. Still, if it gets repeatedly exposed to liquid, then it can get damaged. Moisture can damage the bracelet, the color can get fade, and the coating can get damaged.

Magnetic Bracelets

Suitable quality magnets get used to these bracelets. These magnets could be beautiful individual pieces, set on to holding structure or drawn out into fine wires, twined around other materials.

The magnet could also be in the form of a thin sheet, coated with a protective covering. Magnetic bracelets, though available in a massive array of designs, they are primarily worn for therapeutic reasons. It gets felt that wearing such a bracelet would help in a better flow of blood and thereby make you feel fresh! Find out more about these magnetic bracelet over here.

These bracelets produce a low magnetic field but are safe to be worn by us human beings. Let’s now look at various types of magnetic bracelets for men and women. Magnetic bracelets for men are classified as follows:

Stainless Steel


Various design elements get added to this accessory, to add to its fashion quotient.Though the manufacturer suggests that the bracelet is water-resistant, you should take care of this piece of jewelry. You can get this magnetic bracelet in our magnetic bracelet page.

Copper Bracelets

Very similar to the stainless steel bracelet structure, this bracelet uses polished copper instead of steel. Extended wear of copper bracelets leads to oxidization with the atmospheric air, leading to discoloration to your wrist. Wiping the bracelets from sweat and moisture reduces such reactions.

The quality and structure of the bracelet have a lot to do with such an outcome. The stain on your wrist does not last long, nor is it harmful. However, if you are prone to an allergic reaction, you need to be careful when wearing this bracelet.

Pure Titanium

These bracelets are exquisite and go well with your formal attire. The structure and design are similar to the stainless steel bracelet.

Though this link chain is water-resistant, moisture tends to accumulate along the joints, leading to wear and tear of the bracelet. Better the quality and polish of the casing, there is a more significant chance that you would be able to retain this jewelry item’s luster.

Bracelets For Women


Lightweight Titanium

Titanium is very safe on humans, extremely durable, and is lightweight, compared to other precious metals. These bracelets are slim, with various design elements incorporated along the entire length of the bangle.

The bracelet consists of multiple links, with each link carrying firm and capped magnets inside its casing. The design elements of the bracelets could get gold plated for a more vibrant outlook. The ends get connected with proper link lock, and size adjustment is possible as per your wrist measurement.

Gold Plated Bracelet

Titanium magnetic bracelets are lightweight, and depending upon the design elements; the entire piece could be gold plated or given rose gold finish.

You could have a few options for such bracelets, depending upon the occasion and attire, with which such accessories would match. The metal plating is of very high quality and can be glossy matte finish, or combination of both.

Unisex Bracelets

These mostly sport magnetic bracelets. The casing varies between stainless steel, gold or silver plated, or lightweight titanium. These materials allow magnets that get encased within its design, to provide its required magnetic field, for the benefit of the users.

These bracelets are not very formal and are open-ended. They can get adjusted around the wrist by bringing closer or extending the edges of the bracelets. The design elements of such bracelets are simple and come with various casings for the magnets. You can get unisex magnetic bracelet in our unisex magnetic bracelet section.

Leather Bracelets

There are many options and designs in the fashion industry today. The entire strip magnet, enclosed with leather casings, with the sides supported with metal clips.

You have both open and close type of bracelets. Though the leather’s quality would withstand moisture to some extent, you have to be careful and maintain them strictly. You can always add exciting elements like beads and stones to your ensemble, depending upon your style statement.

Construction Of Your Bracelets

Most magnetic bracelets get made from pure metals – iron or copper, and sometimes from alloys of metals and also a mix between metals with non-metals. The strength of these magnets varies between 400 to 2,000 gauss.

The magnetic iron usually gets coated with alloys, resins, or any other water-proof and rash-proof casing. The quality of these coating differs from supplier to supplier.

Can Magnetic Bracelet Get Wet


Of course, your magnetic bracelet could get wet from sweat, washing your hands, or having your bath. If you tend to wear your bracelet all the while, chances of it getting wet from various solutions, including water, are very high.

Depending upon the coating of the bracelet, there is a build-up of this moisture along the bracelet wall, which would impair the usefulness of this bracelet. If the casing of the bracelet is water-resistant, the moisture may not travel into the metallic magnets.

Still, it can cause erosion to the housing, discolor the surface, and very soon create a coating, which would deter the bracelet’s magnetic field from being of any use to you. If the magnets are exposed, the material’s degeneration will be faster when they come in touch with any fluid.

What Needs To Get Done

It would be best to take care of your magnetic bracelet, as you would your other jewelry. During the period of wearing your magnetic bracelet, if you sweat, wash your hand, or get wet in the rain, promptly remove the bracelet, dry it thoroughly with soft tissue and wear back on your dried wrist.

You can get your magnetic bracelet from from our website. You must keep in mind that you must avoid this bracelet while going to your gym, sauna, or regular swim. Ensure that the bracelet is left behind while entering the washroom for your routine shower.

Keeping the bracelet away from moisture will help the equipment provide you with its required protection over a more extended period. Exposure of your bracelet to soap water, body spray, acidic or alkaline solutions will lead to the non-effectiveness of its usage over some time. Also, the polish and shine disappear, if not taken care of.

Copper bracelets react with the atmosphere and oxidize. This will result in leaving behind greenish, black stain on your exposed skin. The severity of this stain varies between people, depending upon the pH balance of the moisture on the surface of their skin.

Since the magnets get encased inside the copper plating, the external surface should be maintained clean to reduce oxidation and thereby stain on the wrist.

Word Of Caution

Though magnetic bracelets are safe to wear, it is advisable to source the same from a reliable manufacturer. Please read the instruction, which accompanies the bracelet concerning dos and don’ts. Avoid perfume and other corrosive sprays on the bracelet.

Attire And Occasion

You get to choose the right type of bracelet, which would complement your attire or the event. For regular and casual wear, pick a magnetic bracelet with a rugged structure and withstand normal wear and tear, including contact with moisture. In case if it gets wet when are going to any occasion then make sure to clean it off immediately with a soft cloth.


The magnetic bracelet is a piece of therapeutic jewelry, which you wear for a particular purpose, including fashion. As made up of multiple magnets, this bracelet arranged to provide the requisite solution for a specific manner. These magnets are individually capped, and then encased to form a bracelet.

These bracelets are made up of various metal alloys or coated with a particular resin. If you are not careful, you could wet this bracelet through sweat, water, liquid soap, acidic, or other alkaline solutions.

Some manufacturers provide water-proof bracelets. However, it is prudent if you are careful enough in managing to keep the bracelet dry. The moisture forms a coating around the bracelet, and very soon, the effectiveness of the magnetic field will get reduced.

In case they get wet, ensure that they are quickly dried using soft tissues. Store them away from moisture when you are not wearing them. These bracelets are usually safe since the fixed magnetic field is weak and does not harm you. But, avoid wearing them for long hours or over-night.

Do not wear a magnetic bracelet if you are pregnant or have metallic implants in your body, or the implants may dis-function due to the presence of a magnetic field.

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