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Relationship Bracelets For Couples


Relationship bracelets are those bracelets that make love tangible. Love is a great feeling and gifting your loved ones with these relationship bracelets shows how much you care and love them. These bracelets increases the bond between your loved ones and it also looks beautiful and stylish when worn.

A piece of jewelry worn around the wrist or arm is known as a bracelet. Bracelets have various functions, and depending upon the purpose; they will look different.

Bracelet gets worn as a piece of jewelry along with complementary other ornaments. This could be for specific purposes or celebrations – marriage, functions, ceremonies.

They get mostly made of precious metals, stones, beads, wood, or shell. When worn as a single ring, they are known as bangles, which again could be for regular wear or on occasions.

The fairer sex or females usually wear these. If this inflexible ring gets worn around the ankle, it is known as an anklet.

Bracelets in hospitals could be in terms of tags for patients or visitors. It gets used for newborn babies in the form of identification. Bracelets these days get used at fairs, exhibitions, conventions, marathons, get-together, meetings, protests, a show of unity, for a cause like cancer, and so on.

In all these instances, this gets worn by both the sexes. These bracelets or tags get generally made of plastic, leather, cloth, or paper.

Custom, Belief, And Religion

The ring which gets worn on the arm is known as an armlet. This is also another form of a bracelet. Bracelet gets derived from the Greek word ‘brachile,’ meaning ‘of the arm.’ In ancient times, bracelets got worn by the Egyptians, made of wood, stones, and bones. In Bulgaria, it gets considered that wearing a white and red string around the wrist would help with the earlier onset of spring!

In Greece, wearing the red and white string as a bracelet on the 1st of March and continuing to wear it thro’ the summer is known to protect the individual from the harsh sunlight. In India, several bangles worn by a woman denotes her marital status among some sects.

Sikhs believe that wearing an iron bracelet is part of five instruments that they must always carry. In Latin America, a type of bracelet is worn to ward of evil, primarily to protect their children.

Karma and health bracelets get marketed worldwide. Magnetic bracelets get believed in cleansing your blood and improving your circulatory functions.

This depends upon the metals or alloys that get used. Wood and beads are used for the charm and bringing good luck to wearers of karma bracelets.


Bracelets made from metals and glass, which are round and smooth, are worn by the womenfolk in India. They come in various forms and hues.

They are differently worn, depending upon the occasion. Purchasing bangles at fairs and stores are a ritual here. Young children generally wear bracelets made of copper or gold, for their excellent health.

Beaded And Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are in vogue today. Various materials get used to assemble such a bracelet. They get marketed for multiple purposes, and all young adults get seen wearing them.

Other Forms

Bracelets have evolved over the years. Link bracelets are a chain made of various elements linked together and worn as a bracelet with a clasp. Such bracelets have metals or a combination of metals and stones as part of the linked chain, which gets worn around the wrist.


Silicon-based wristbands got introduced in sports and sporting gears. They get used extensively in tennis, climbing, and many other sporting events. Similar materials get used nowadays for various awareness campaigns, similar to ribbon worn on the arm or the chest.

POW Bracelet

During the Vietnam war, there were innumerable American soldiers killed and missing. A student group in California decided to create the Prisoner of war bracelets, with name, rank, and missing date on these bands.

Nearly five million bracelets got sold and distributed across the nation. People wore them till the concerned army personnel got released, returned, or their ash received.

Memorial Bracelet

These got made of brass, steel, aluminum, or leather. They got worn for a specific event, where there has been loss of life – tragedy and calamity.

The name of the person, the event, and date got engraved on these bands. This got worn as a bracelet on the wrist. They got worn at an event to mourn the loss or during a period to show solidarity and support to a cause.

Similar memorial bracelets got made after the Iraqi and Afghanistan war by the American army personnel. They inscribed their colleague’s name, rank, the place where they lost their life and date. This got worn by them as a remembrance of the lost soldier!

Friendship Bracelet

It dates back to 480 to 220 B.C. in China, when such decorative bands got worn. Over the years, they got tied on wrists of friends, which wore off due to normal wear and tear and got discarded. They got generally made of thread-like materials.

Simple friendship bracelets got made of 2 threads of various thicknesses and colors. More threads got added, depending upon the design, which is getting woven. They got usually tied to the wrist of a friend with a wish, and when it got discarded, the wish gets fulfilled, alongside.

Since these bracelets got made of natural fibers, they get worn in beaches and other social gatherings. These bracelets got worn by both sexes and across all age groups.

These types of bracelets with beads and other semi-precious stones get worn as fashion jewelry.

Patterns Of Friendship Bracelets:


There are varied types, designs, and trends. They got changed depending upon the occasion and the region worn. Some common forms are:

Alpha bracelets: Here, alphabets and small motifs got integrated as part of the weaving with threads, wool, or colored string. This depends on the purpose of these bracelets. This is one of the earliest forms of friendship bracelets in use.

Angel bracelets: Here, small angel-like objects with wings got added along with the weave. This got used more like a charm or get-well bracelet.

Basic diagonal stripe bracelet: This is another basic design which got integrated as part of the thread weaving. Diagonal bars of different colors got woven to give the bracelet asymmetric look. Got used as a regular friendship bracelet.

Bordered chevron bracelet: In this weave, there is a border running along both the edges on the bracelet. This is also another favorite friendship bracelet in use.

Broken ladder bracelet: This design of the bracelet has ladder-like design across the bracelet, with the steps in broken v-shaped design. These unique design tutorials are available for making such friendship bands with colorful strings and threads.

Candy stripe bracelet: This is very similar to basic diagonal stripe design. Here various hues of fabric are used to give the bracelet a luxurious look.

Chevron bracelet: This is similar to bordered chevron bracelet design, without the border on either side. The model can also have a curved surface along both the edges. Inverse chevron bracelet is another v-shaped design, which is in vogue for friendship bands today.

Chinese staircase: In this design, you have the central pole, with the stair-like design going all-around it. It’s like the revolving staircase. The band looks very cute and can be worn in two-three layers to give it a luxurious look.

Christmas tree bracelet: In this bracelet, you have the Christmas tree motif integrated long the entire length of the bracelet band. The tree could be uni-color or green and red. The border on both sides can get added to give it a complete appearance.

Diagonal tree bracelet: Very similar to the basic diagonal design, with a more intricate weave to make the bracelet a lot more voluminous. There is girth in such bracelets and not flat and thin.

Diamond design bracelet: In this friendship bracelets, there is a diamond shape integrated. These diamond shapes could only be a line or made of solid colors. This design can also have borders on either side of the bracelet.

Double chain knot bracelet: This is one of the most straightforward designs of friendship bands, which gets made in large numbers. Gets typically used in schools and colleges on friendship days. These simple chain bracelets get sold in stores too.

Double chevron bracelets: In this design, the v-shape appears twice, next to each other, and the band appears a little more full than usual.

Easter egg bracelet: The design of this type of bracelet, would have egg-shaped knots integrated as part of the general weave. These eggs seem to cling to the surface of the bracelet. The egg shape can also get done with the help of beads.

Flip flop candy stripe bracelet: This bracelet has a candy diagonal stripe, which runs zig-zag along the entire length of the band. The bracelet is not symmetrical on either side but has projections of the weave. Flip flop zig-zag friendship bracelets are another variant of this design.

Heart bracelet: The heart shape gets integrated into the design of this type of bracelet. The weave could only have the outline of the heart or could get filled with heart shape. Can be woven into the various color combination, with heart shapes appearing in a chain, one-after-another.

Mini heart friendship bracelets have smaller heart designs in the center, with plain shades as borders to emphasize the heart shapes.

Knitted bracelet: You have to use multiple numbers of threads or fabrics to weave a knitted type of bracelet. You can create an excellent design out of such a weave. The rich tapestry worn on the wrist is eye-catching.

Menorah bracelet: The colorful cords weaved into a pretty band is known as menorah bracelet. There is nothing specific about this band.

Pumpkin bracelet: The pumpkin motif gets integrated into the design in such bracelets. The color could be orange or any other, depending upon the rest of the design.

Rag rug bracelets: The design of these bracelets is a criss-cross design across the entire length of the bracelets. The different color combination of this design enhances the richness of the bands.

Star of David bracelet: This friendship bracelet has the Star of David as part of the weave. It is usually depicted in blue or any other color, depending upon the overall design.

Swirl ‘n’ braid bracelet: The weave of this bracelet is a combination of the Chinese staircase and braid design. The final band looks sleek and sturdy.

The Egyptian bracelet: The square design and some motifs from the ancient Egyptian period, get entwined in this type of friendship bracelets. They look majestic, depending upon the color scheme, and usually are broader, to accommodate the various design elements.

The wrap bracelet: As the name suggests, this bracelet got made by wrapping the colorful threads around an object. This could be any flexible material, which can go around the wrist – malleable wires, thick cord, or a bunch of threads, twined together.

Totem pole bracelet: The design on this bracelet is very colorful and are in stacks, as we view them on the totem pole. The various elements we usually see in a totem pole got found in these bracelets as motifs.

Zig zag bracelets: These bracelets have a zig-zag design with the color cords woven in continuous v-forms, with shades and hues inbuilt while creating these friendship bands.

Some Facts About Friendship Bracelets

Origin: These macrame bracelets seem to have originated in Central America and only in the 1970s surfaced in North America and now widespread across the world. Though some records show their existence around 200 B.C. in China.

Tradition: Friendship bracelets got tied to the wrist of a friend with a wish. When the band falls away after routine wear and tear, the wish happens to have got fulfilled by then!

Structure: They got initially got made out of strings and cords made into various types of knots.

More the number of threads, color, and knots used, the intricacy of the design enhances accordingly. They were only handmade. These days, these bracelets got made of various types of materials, beads, semi-precious stones, and they mostly purchased from stores.

Color: Each color used in friendship bracelets relates to a particular personality trait of the person wearing the band. Given below are some indicators.  Though mix and match are possible in terms of the design and the aesthetics of the bracelets.

Red: This color denotes the following traits – love, passion, fire, energy, and joy.

Orange: Some traits of red are present like fire and energy. To this gets added sexuality and pacifism.

Yellow: Signifies hope, sunshine, beauty, gold, money, summer, and jealousy.

Green: This color denotes youth, hope, nature, eternity, life, harmony, good luck, and envy.

Light Blue: The blue suggests the sky, water, tranquility, friendship, harmony, and calmness.

Dark Blue: Some above traits appear here too, like tranquility, harmony, and calmness.

Additional characteristics covered by the color are purity, eternity, and depression.

Violet: Traits featuring under this color are friendship, wisdom, mystic, and dreams.

Pink:The characteristics get covered under this color are energy, love, tenderness, attachment, and dreaminess.

White: The color white signifies purity, truth, freedom, independence, and light.

Black: Black denotes loneliness, aloof, magic, sad, depression, energy, and fearlessness.

Grey: This is the color for maturity, punctuality, intensity, sadness, melancholy, and modesty.

You also have specific characteristics defined, when color combination gets used in the friendship band. They are:

Red and yellow denotes crazy love for each other.

Red and green means that the person loves nature.

Red and blue indicate truce, especially when they are trying to calm someone.

Red and white indicate the purity of love, especially love for your country or being patriotic.

Red and black get generally avoided since it denotes, anarchy, rage, and hatred.

A similar combination gets worked out while weaving the bracelet for your friend and also while purchasing them from shops.

Resurgence: Though friendship bracelets are ancient, it has got introduced into modern society by religious groups to protest against political ideologies. Alongside this, they got used in commemoration, sports, participation in events, supporting a cause, or just out of friendship!

Construction: Friendship bracelets can be made on your own, some ideas about trying different types of knots and some long colored threads or cords.

You attach one end to a fixed surface and create knots with the other end of the thread. To wave a particular design into the band, you have to either follow a pattern or should have a decent understanding of the same.

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is an annual festival of the Hindus in the Indian subcontinent. The sister ties a bracelet or “Rakhi” around the wrist of her brother on this day. The brother, in turn, vows to protect her. This rakhi is similar to the friendship band and got generally made of strings knotted together with simple beads in the center.

days, they come in various sizes and shape and get made out of many materials, including semi-precious stones. On this day, the sister feeds him to a meal. The brother, in turn, presents a gift to the sister.

Salvation Bracelet

The Jesuit priests got this type of bracelets introduced to connect with young children, spread the teaching of Christ. This bracelet got made of colored beads and a cord and got worn by the child around the wrist. Each of these colored beads had a reference point as follows:

  1. Black represented sin.

  2. Red was the color of blood.

  3. Blue referred to the baptism or bringing to the path of God.

  4. White meant purification or cleansing.

  5. Green signifies growth.

  6. Yellow denotes salvation or going to heaven.

Various other similar bracelets got used by different religious bodies, and the colors had some significance or the other.

Distance Bracelets

These bracelets get worn by both the parties, staying apart. By wearing a similar type of bracelets, gives them a feeling of proximity with each other.

They get named differently – bond bracelets, you complete me a bracelet, boyfriend girlfriend bracelet, relationship bracelet , long-distance relationship (LDR) bracelet, or couple bracelet. They all serve a similar purpose and get worn by parents, siblings, friends, couples, and lovers.

Types Of Bracelets

These distance bracelets usually come in pairs. They get made of precious and semi-precious stones and beads, strung together using elastic bands for easy to wear and better fit. They are gender-neutral, and various personal traits get manifested with the color and materials used.

Keeping in mind the continuous wearing of this piece of jewelry by both the sexes, simplicity, and vibrancy gets decided while choosing such bracelets.

Making It Personal

Birthstone: Birthstones of individuals get incorporated to feel connected with the bracelets, along with the similarity of texture and design chosen.

Metaphysical: While choosing the gemstone, the metaphysical aspect of the stone gets taken into consideration. For example, amazonite gets used to those who feel stressed when they stay at a distance from their loved ones.

Citrine gets used for those who feel restless and impatient. Garnet is for emotional attachment and passionate devotion to each other. Whatever be the criteria, stones get decided, depending upon their characteristics.

Other materials: In place of gemstone, wood, beads, crystals, and glass get used to providing varied texture and gloss to the bracelets getting worn.

Favorite colors: Sometimes, color plays an essential part, when choosing the bracelets. White gets used if the purity of their love gets expressed through these distance bracelets.

Other emotional aspects of the individual get reflected with the color theory, so along with feeling connected, their emotion is thought to be kept under control!

Relationship Bracelets

When you get into a relationship with another person, there is ‘romance’ in the air! There is a strong emotional feeling, attraction, or courtship behavior which gets exhibited with the other person and vice-versa.

The quality of this relationship, staying together, understanding each other all lead to a healthy relationship between two individuals.

When such individuals wish to exhibit their affection and liking for the other, they tend to bind them into physical form. One such manifestation is the relationship bracelets. They decide to wear matching bracelets during their initial friendship days, courtship period, and ultimately culminates with marriage vows.

Similarly, such couples to feel and stay connected, wear distance bracelets, when they get separated for various reasons. It could be for a while or a long duration. Different bracelet options get used, depending upon the situation, such as couples find themselves.

Here are some relationship bracelets for couples:

Initial Bracelets

In such bracelets, the initial of the other person gets worn as part of the bracelet design. They come in various forms and materials. They could get strung into beads, with one bead carrying the initial of the other person, and engraved on a metallic surface.

This becomes a daily reminder that you get connected to the other person thro’ a relationship. Even if you travel away from your partner, you stay connected with this bracelet.

Adjustable Bracelets

These bracelets come with durable elastic materials and can get worn regularly. The materials don’t get affected by water, sweat, or grime. The design could be simple or complex. Matching stones or colors get used for pairing with different couples.

They feel that this bond keeps them together, thro’ thick and thin and ups and downs of life. These days, personalization is possible at stores. Even better, if they get made with various elements on your own!

Classis Beaded Bracelets

The most common couple of bracelets are beaded ones. Here, one color or type of bead or crystal gets used in the entire bracelet, except one.

This one bead or crystal becomes the whole range for the other half. These bracelets get generally sold in pairs and come in attractive color and style. This is like the yin and yang design, which couples love.

Lock And Key Bracelets

This type of bracelet is for those who are madly in love and don’t mind expressing their affection for each other openly. Such bracelets have hearts with a lock on one pair.  The key to the lock is in the other pair of the bracelet.

It’s pretty cute with other trinkets hanging from such bracelets. It’s a constant reminder that you are genuinely in a relationship, and you have full faith in the other person, and such feeling gets reciprocated!

Beaded Crown Bracelets

There are umpteen varieties of couple bracelets in the market today. One such option is the beaded crown couple bracelet. Here, one color bead gets used in one with a crown in bronze finish. While the other pair has different color beads with the crown element in silver.

Various customization is possible for such a couple of bracelets. Such bracelets look very elegant, and the materials used get chosen, depending upon the couple’s requirements from each other.

King And Queen Bracelet


Here the words ‘king’ and ‘queen’ are engraved on beads and cubes and strung together along with other stones and pearls to complete the ensemble.

This gives you a very heady feeling, and the couple cherishes each other’s company. They are looking for long term relationship and ensures that the foundation is firm and weather-proof. It focuses on the king and queen aspect, which is great. For pricing information, click here.

Infinity Bracelets

When they look at their bracelets with the infinity sign, they feel connected and equate their feeling to infinity. This is a constant reminder of their affection for each other. However, circumstances have kept them away from each other.

Heartbeat Bracelets

Another long-distance couple bracelet has the heartbeat sign, integrated with the design of their bracelets. The color of the heartbeat could be different, or the beads and crystals can change. This is another way of expressing love and feeling for each other, especially if you are apart.

You are silently stating that your heart beats for the other person, irrespective of the distance, and one day you will both come together!

Matching Bracelets

These look identical and are excellent anniversary gifts for couples who love to wear trinket jewelry. There are hordes of options available in stores and online. Depending upon the likes and dislikes, choose from beads, gemstones to metals. Since they come in pairs, they are unique.

Nautical Bracelets

If you are the rugged types, traveling, and always on the move, check out the rustic nautical bracelets. These get made of leather strips, which get worn in layers around your wrist.

They come with a matching pair of metallic anchors or fishtail, which hangs from the bracelets. These could also get set inside a leather strap design.

Always And Forever Bracelets

This is another interesting pair of bracelets found in stores. They have ‘always’ and ‘forever’ engraved on a metallic strip, which then forms a part of the design. These metallic strips could be of two different colors or metals.

The rest of the bracelets could be stringed together with matching beads or stones to give it a luxurious and elegant look. This emphasizes the couple’s love and friendship, which would always remain and would continue to get cherished forever!

You Are My Person Bracelet

The words say it all. These are inscribed on a metal strip of different material and fixed to a leather band to give it a stately stature. It’s a bold way of expressing each other’s feelings. It’s deeply intimate and heartwarming.

Horsehead Bracelet

The head of a horse in gold and silver, attached to the polished leather strap is quite majestic. If both of you love horses, this is a perfect gift for each other. Similarly, you could swap the horse with a dog, cat, or a dolphin, depending upon each other’s similarities and interests.

Personalized Love Line Bracelets

These are for the dreamy and romantic couples. They could create poetic lines for each other, which gets inscribed on metal strips.

This is them mounted on leather straps or strung with other matching metal or wooden beads. This is a reminder of their relationship and the well-defined and articulated statement, an expression for each other’s feelings.

Lion With A Crown Bracelet


If your emotion towards each other makes you feel like the king of the jungle, express this with the lion head of different metals set at the end of a leather strap. Add a crown on the lion’s head to give it a stately appearance.

This is very different from the rest of the relationship bracelets found. So, if you both feel that your relationship is something unique, gift yourselves with this type of bracelet. 

Sound Wave Bracelet

Do you want to replicate your words into your bracelets? There are wavelength bracelets for this purpose. The wavelength of a few words gets reproduced on a metal strip in an engraved form. This is then attached to colorful bands or a leather strip. A very unusual and personalized way of the bracelet.

Beauty And Beast Bracelets

This is another type of bracelet if you are classical oriented. The engraving of ‘beauty’ on one and ‘beast’ on the other, with ‘I love u’ on the inside, is pretty cute. These metal strips are then attached to leather straps and worn proudly for everyone to see.

Taken Bracelet

The words ‘taken’ written on beads along with a heart motif, goes a long way in stating that you are already into a relationship. This is a bold statement and shows the seriousness of your intention. Generally worn by youngsters, who are genuinely in love with each other, and want it to remain that way!

Personalized Leather Bracelets

These are for matured couples. They engrave their names with their wedding anniversaries in each other’s bracelets. These metallic strips are then mounted on good quality leather straps and worn like watches. This is highly personalized and makes a bold statement about the couple’s relationship.

Hooked On You Bracelets

If you are genuinely in love and cherish your relationship, then this bracelet could be for both of you. Here, ‘hooked on you’ is inscribed on the metal plate, which gets affixed to the leather band, which fits snugly around both your wrists.

Matching Handcuff Bracelets

This goes well for those couples whose relationship is going rock solid. Gold and silver handcuffs are neatly attached to two ends of the leather strap in this bracelet set. Gives the feeling of being joined together in love and happiness.