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What Are Rhinestones Nail Art?

What are rhinestones nail art? Rhinestone nail art is the art of using rhinestone to decorate your finger and making it stand out. There is various kind of nail art designs, and rhinestone nail art is one of them. There are expensive and cheap ones. You can choose the one depending upon your budget.

Here Is How To Do It:

Step 1:

You need to add a base coat to make it stick for a longer time

Step 2:

Next which is a very obvious thing, i.e. you need to wear nail polish to add the color to your nails. Without the nail polish, your nails won’t look right.

Step 3:

Let it dry and add Nail Topcoat over it

Step 4:

Add the rhinestones on the fingers. The rhinestone has glue at the end so that it will stick automatically. Use a tweezers to paste it on the nails.

There you are, it’s simple, but it looks so good. Anyone can do this, and you don’t need to visit a parlor to do it.

Rhinestones are available in the market at different prices, and you can buy them according to your budget. There is various kind of rhinestones one that has stone-like finishing and one that has a glass-like finishing. All of them look gorgeous if you do it correctly. To check our rhinestone collection click here.

What Are Rhinestone?

To choose the right rhinestone, you need to know about rhinestone.

Rhinestones are shiny, glossy materials that make anything look brighter. It almost like a diamond because it enhances the looks of anything that it is put onto; however, it’s not diamond.

It can be made of various materials like glass, quartz, different stone and plastics, and the price depends upon what kind of materials are used. Glass rhinestones are cheaper compared to quartz rhinestones. Now the rhinestone is not going to give you a complete stone; instead, it cuts the stone in tiny pieces and sells it. 

Rhinestone was found in Rhine River, Austria on 13th century and so the name rhinestone. It was a massive demand product back then and was sold extensively. Rhinestone itself is shiny and very beautiful, and it attracted buyers from all around the world.

However, those rhinestones were not chopped into small pieces like it is now; instead, they were big and mostly sold the way it was. Later Daniel Swarovski, the founder of Swarovski, invented the crystal cutting machine.

As a result, many new products were bought to market after the invention, and then eventually it evolved into something that everyone uses nowadays.

Original rhinestone can be expensive depending upon what kind of crystals is used. Plastic and glass rhinestone is just for enhancing the look, but they are not rhinestone but rather an imitation. Plastic and glass rhinestones are now heavily manufactured as they are cheap and have high demand.

Are Rhine Stone Good For Nails?

Rhinestones don’t usually harm because you are not going to wear the rhinestone for a very long time. Rhinestone are worn for decorative purposes which means you’ll probably wear it on some occasion, on a date or something special.

Since rhinestone makeup takes time, people usually avoid wearing it during daily works.  Rhinestones are not worn on the fingernails; instead, they are worn after the nail polish has been added; that is why it can be used without worries.

Can Rhinestone Break?

Rhinestone can break if it is not made of high-quality material, so choosing the right rhinestone is necessary. Here is a small guideline to select the right rhinestone.

If you are buying online, then check the reviews before purchasing

If you purchase it from a local store, you can simply ask your friend about that particular brand and then purchase it.

Some people can recommend expensive rhinestone, but that is not always necessary as you can buy a cheap one and that will last for a long time. If you can afford it, you can buy the expensive one, which is excellent. To check our rhinestone collection click here.

How Are Rhinestones Made?

The raw material is essential when the rhinestone is made. The quality of the raw material determines the final product. There are various kind of fashion rhinestone some of them are glass made, some of them are acrylic, resin etc. The resin is a silicon mold; glass is simply glass.

The glass is bought to shape by cutting into pieces. After the rhinestone are brought to the desired shape and sizes, they are packed and labelled. There can be uniformly cut, or some of them can be inconsistently cut. 

How Rhinestone Is Made – Step By Step Way

Step 1:

At first, the raw material is purchased. The quality of the raw material is essential. So, there is a quality check.

Step 2: 

The next step depends upon what kind of raw materials are purchased.

Step 3: 

If the rhinestone is made of real stones, then they are just cut and polished, but if the raw material is acrylic, then they are appropriately dried so that no moisture remains inside it.

Step 4: 

Once the solution is dry, then comes color mixing. The possibilities are endless. Only two colors can create multiple mix and match, and mostly all of them looks beautiful. 

Step 5: 

This is the step where the molding comes into play. A molding machine does it. Different shapes are made in this molding process,

Step 6: Plating

A plastic coating is done to ensure longevity. This is a crucial step. This process holds the color in its place for a long time and adds polish to it.

Step 7: 

Rhinestone are separated from each other. Before this process, the rhinestones are molded together, and that is something that can not be used, so the separation process is conducted to ensure individual pieces.

Step 8: Packing: 

The packing is done after successfully detaching each piece. The rhinestone is put in a packet, and they are labelled.

What Is The Best Rhinestone Design?


The best rhinestone designs entirely depend upon the person who is making the design. They can use different types of rhinestones to create the perfect design. Rhinestone designing is made with care to make it look beautiful.

With practice, you can become more proficient in making the designs that you want to make, the color combination and different types of nail polish are used to make the perfect design.

The choice of these elements also depends upon practice. You cannot find the right combination out of the blue if you have no prior experience., Sure you can ask someone but implementing that is an entirely different thing altogether. To check our rhinestone collection click here.

Are Rhinestone Better Than Nail Polish?

Nail polish has its own beauty and rhinestones have their own. Comparing both is not a good idea. Although rhinestone tends to amplify nail polish if you use it after applying nail polish, it doesn’t mean the nail polish cannot look good in itself.

People use rhinestone without applying nail polish. Just adding a regular polish that gives shine to your nails will provide the base for adding rhinestones in your fingers. But you can go with nail polish itself to make your fingers stand out. There are beautiful nail polishes that really looks good when you wear it with a similar colored dress.

Can Rhinestone Be Reused?

Not all rhinestones cannot be reused; most of them need to be thrown away. Few rhinestones can be reused like Swarovski, and few gems rhinestones can be reused. Since these are stones, they won’t get damaged even if you remove them, but plastic or glass rhinestone can get damaged after a single-use.

Since plastic and glass rhinestone are cheap, you can buy a lot of them and use them as per your need. The crystal is expensive but has its own charm, and yes, you get the benefit of reuse. 

As from the environmental perspective, plastic rhinestone can be recycled and can be converted to new rhinestone that can be used by other people. They are cost and energy-efficient, but crystal rhinestones are not easily recyclable and are not very cost-effective.

It is difficult to make new rhinestone out of the old one as it can damage the property of the gems, stone or crystal. They are not meant for recycling. Depending upon the budget you can buy whatever suits you the most, but yes you cannot reuse the plastic rhinestones.

Where Can I Wear Rhinestones?

You can use rhinestone daily for regular wear and on occasions. If you have the patience, then, of course, you can wear it every day. It is mostly worn on events to make your fingers look even better. Sometimes people visit professionals to make the best of the rhinestone.

Often parlor has its own sets of rhinestones that they recommend, and they do it well. Now if you have the money and the time you can also visit the parlor and have a unique design on your fingers. For most people, this is not an option, so people tend to do it on occasions. You can do it daily if you do it yourself.

Sure there is a learning curve in it, but once you master it, it’s so much worth it. People wear rhinestones on marriage, anniversary, party and for casual wear.

This thing is so demanding that there is specific parlor dedicated to rhinestones designs. They are specialized in it, and they do wonders. They have many unique designs that suit the customer needs. To check our rhinestone collection click here.

Glass Like And Stone Like Rhinestone


There is glass-like and stone-like rhinestone. You can find the difference once you look into it. However, sometimes the glass is made so precisely that it looks like a stone, and many people are fooled by it. glass cannot be converted to real rhinestone no matter how hard they try, so here is a small trick that you can use to spot the difference.

Take the stone and point it towards a led or tube light if you see color refraction then it’s glass, not a real gem, if it’s a gem, then there will be no refraction. Now there are very few gems that refract light, but they refract it very different compared to glass. 

So, I hope you know how the glass looks like when pointed towards the light source if not, then you can simply check it by yourself. This is the major distinction between the glass and real gem. They sell the glass product at the price of the valuable stone, which is completely wrong, and if you are not careful, you can be fooled by them.

There are various kinds of stones out there, and if you don’t know the real price of that gem, then they can take whatever they can. So makes sure to check the current price of the stones on the internet and then make the decision to buy the gems you like depending upon your budget.

Best Nail Art Designs

Gradient Rhine Stone Design

Gradient means a mixture of a different color so you can make your own combination like the way you want. Gradient color looks great when done properly. There is an unlimited amount of combination that you can make of this gradient. You can make different gradient styles in different fingers, and it is widely popular

Diamond Nail Art Design

Diamond nail art is a unique design for nail art. After completing the base nail art design, you add a diamond-like material over your fingers. It makes your fingers stand out. These are usually done on a special occasion. For pricing information on rainbow rhinestone click here.

Glittery Rhinestone Art Design

Pattern Nail Art Design


There are various kinds of pattern that you can make. This pattern if done correctly, can look amazing. There are an unlimited amount of patterns you can make. You can wear this in parties or as daily wear.

Stone Rhinestone Art 


People use the precious stone to make their rhinestone art. If done correctly, this can look gorgeous. The purpose here is to highlight the precious stone.

Cloudy Rhinestone Design

This is where you use the rhinestone to design a cloudy structure that has clouds over it but is properly decorated with rhinestone. This is more of a casual approach. 

Rainbow Rhinestone Design

Here you use the rhinestone in a way that represents rainbow. It looks gorgeous when you add so many different colored rhinestones in a proper arrangement. This is quite delicate, so if you are trying to do it yourself, then you need to practice for quite some time to master this art. For pricing information on rainbow rhinestone click here.

Glittery Rhinestone Art Design

You need to add glitters around your rhinestone so that they sparkle. This looks amazing when worn with proper colored dress. Choose the color of the rhinestone and glitter depending upon the color of the dress you are going to wear. 

Star Rhinestone Art Design


This is a trendy rhinestone art. This is also worn on parties. The star design on the rhinestone look amazing. There are also glowing stars that glow in the dark.

You can add this star-shaped rhinestone and once you have finished adding the base design. This is done, at last, so don’t stick it to your fingers before adding the base layer. For pricing information on rhinestone click here.

Glowing Rhinestone Design

Apart from the star design glowing rhinestone there are also rhinestone that glows. Some of these are covered by glowing material that glows in the dark.

This is also a popular trend, but the only drawback is that it cannot show it’s charisma in the light. The lights must be turned off for it to work. So nightclub is a perfect place to wear this glowing rhinestone.


Rhinestone nail art is beautiful. You can do it by yourself, or you go to a parlor that specializes in nail art. There are different kinds of rhinestone nail arts.

You can buy the expensive one or the cheap one depending upon your budget. You can wear nail art as regular wear or only one occasion. Mastering nail art takes time but is very rewarding once mastered.

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