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What Are Sustainable Swimwear?

Sustainable swimwear are new products on the market that are made from sustainable materials.

What are Sustainable Materials?

Sustainable materials come from renewable resources such as oil, wood and crops.

How Does It Work?

Sustainable swimwear doesn't include any toxic chemicals during its manufacturing process nor does it resort to using harmful pesticides to grow crops for the raw material. Organic cotton, for example, requires less water and energy than synthetic or blended fabrics and has a smaller carbon footprint overall. The end product is a healthy alternative to conventional swimwear.

It reduces greenhouse emissions and other environmental pollutants can reduce the use of natural resources by only recycled products, waste reduction at every stage of production, packaging materials recycling facilities throughout Europe (80% recycling). Organic cotton is easier to recycle than conventional fabrics.

What Are Some Advantages of Sustainable Swimwear?

It's better for the environment. They are safe and healthy, which means they won't cause any health problems or irritations on your skin or body. They're free of toxic chemicals, pesticides and dyes that could be potentially harmful to you and your surroundings. The swimsuit itself can actually benefit the environment by reducing greenhouse emissions, thus benefiting climate change overall.

With sustainable swimwear, there's no need to worry about not fitting into expensive designer brands because many sustainable swimsuits are made by European designers who offer sizes for every shape and size so you'll definitely find something your size!

It saves money. Once you purchase a sustainable swimsuit, you won't need to make the same purchase again for a very long time; sustainable swimsuits can last up to five years or more and these suits keep their shape and colour without gradually losing their form.

They also stand the test of wear and tear with constant exposure to chlorine water, sand, saltwater and sunscreen which usually cause conventional swimwear to fade quickly. It looks just as good as expensive designer brands.

Sustainably made swimsuits are offered in many different styles such as bikinis, one pieces, tankinis and monokinis that will look just as elegant on your body as designer swimsuits do.

What Are Some Disadvantages of Sustainable Swimwear?

It is more expensive than traditional swimwear. Although, they are worth the investment because quality sustainable swimwear can last up to five years as opposed to conventional swimsuits that wear and fade quickly. It might be difficult to find your size in this type of swimwear because it's often made by smaller companies and not mass produced like all other types of swimsuit brands.

Uses Of Sustainable Swimwear

Measures taken to ensure the quality of clothing throughout its use.

The basic purpose for sustainable swimwear is to create an eco-friendly, healthy and safe material that imitates conventional fabrics like cotton.

Other than this basic idea, sustainable swimwear can be used in many other ways according to its designs and materials. Sustainable swimwear gives you the ability to go into any pool or ocean with minimal damage to our environment or your own skin from using toxic chemicals found in conventional swimsuits.

Sustainably made swimsuits are great for bigger women who have trouble finding a fashionable one piece or two piece that will fit right because these suits come in every size! The best part about them all is that each suit comes with matching caps and rashguards so you can head out into the ocean and never worry about getting stung by a jellyfish or poked by a sea urchin.

Reasons To Use Sustainable Swimwear

It is made up of a waterproof material that can be cut, sewn and decorated in many different ways. There are many other sustainable materials that provide the same benefits to our planet as well such as hemp that is naturally mould resistant and chlorine proof while being very durable.

Hemp is biodegradable which means it will break down by itself over time unlike synthetic fabrics because they do not decompose easily even when thrown away. Sustainably made swimsuits also use less energy to manufacture than conventional swimwear does so your carbon footprint from using these suits is definitely smaller!

Manufacturers claim their eco-friendly swimsuits have been put through rigorous testing to ensure it's safe for you to wear and doesn't release any toxins into the water. Some sustainable materials used in creating these suits include recycled plastic bottles, ECONYL®, and LYCRA®.

Does Sustainable Swimwear Provide Health Benefits?

Yes! Sustainable swimsuits are able to provide health benefits by preventing skin irritation and rashes from the toxic chemicals that conventional swimsuits release into the water.

They can provide a barrier against sunburns that would otherwise be absorbed into your skin from the hot rays of the sun while you're swimming around in a pool or ocean.

Since many sustainable swimwear brands use ECONYL® fabric, it is known to fix itself if you happen to snag it with anything throughout its lifetime such as when removing sea urchins, barnacles and rocks so you don't have to worry about your suit getting irreparable damage.

Cost Of Sustainable Swimwear

It's mostly made up of natural materials like hemp, ECONYL® and LYCRA®, which makes it more expensive than conventional swimwear. Although, they are worth the investment because quality sustainable swimsuits can last up to five years as opposed to conventional suits that wear and fade quickly.

It might be difficult to find your size in this type of swimsuit because it's often made by smaller companies and not mass produced like all other types of swimsuit brands.

Hemp is mould resistant and chlorine proof while being very durable making it a great material for sustainable swimwear!

You can also check out our article on mesh swimwear if you're interested in finding out more about these beautiful swimsuits.

How To Know If Your Swimsuit Is Sustainable?

Yes! There are many ways to tell if your swimsuit is sustainable or not. Most conventional swimsuits are made up of four types of synthetic fabric that includes polyester, nylon, spandex or Lycra® and elastane which are all known for releasing harmful toxins into our oceans when washed down the drain.

If you see any one of these fabrics listed on the tag of your swimsuit it's best to take it back to where you bought it from because its not eco-friendly! On the other hand, sustainable swimsuits should be made up of natural materials like ECONYL®, LYCRA® and hemp which will always be listed in the description when searching for them.

You will also find sustainable swimsuits in nature inspired prints and patterns which all look super cute!

What To Look For In Sustainable Swimwear:

Sustainable swimsuits are better for the environment and your health because they contain little to no toxic chemicals when it's made unlike conventional suits. They're also created with less harmful materials such as polyester, nylon and spandex that will never biodegrade like natural fabrics do.

Since most sustainable swimsuits use plant-based plastics such as ECONYL®, they provide a barrier between your skin and the environment so you don't absorb any of the chemicals surrounding you while enjoying the water.

Finally, one last thing to keep an eye out for is where your suit is manufactured which should be somewhere close to your home so you can decrease the amount of shipping pollution.

Are Sustainable Swimwear Costly?

Yes, sustainable swimsuits are typically more expensive than conventional swimsuits due to the fact that they're created with natural materials such as hemp and ECONYL® which is made from recycled fishing nets.

It's hard for these companies to mass produce their suits, so finding one in your perfect size may be difficult. Also, you'll find that most sustainable swimwear brands are handmade or locally owned which makes it even harder to produce in large amounts. They also look super cute and usually come in eco-inspired prints and patterns!

Where Can I Buy Sustainable Swimwear?

You can buy sustainable swimsuits by browsing through online stores like Etsy where you can easily search by your favourite designer or type of fabric used to create them. This way you can find the exact suit that suits you without having to browse through all other types of swimwear brands.

You could also ask your friends or family members if they know where you can buy sustainable swimsuits in your area because it's important to support these eco-friendly companies!

Are Sustainable Swimwear UV Protected?

Yes, sustainable swimsuits will always be described as UV protective which means they keep you safe from the harmful rays of the sun while protecting our oceans and environment. Many sustainable swimsuit designers follow or use high standards for their fabrics so that your skin is kept safe from anything hazardous in the water.

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