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What Is A Lucky Charm Bracelet?


There are various kinds of bracelets, and one of them is lucky charm bracelet as the name suggests it a bracelet to bring good luck. They are mostly made of precious metals, stones, beads, wood, or shells. The lucky charm bracelet is worn by both men and women since there is no gender for good luck. The lucky charm bracelet is a popular bracelet, and it can be worn all across the world. There is lucky charm bracelet that is passed down from generations, and there is also the new one that people wear to bring good fortune and for increasing their fashion statement.

So, what is a lucky charm bracelet? Lucky charm bracelet is worn from thousands of years. It was thought to bring good luck, so people used to wear them for completing a risky and difficult task, or they used to wear them daily for good luck in general. Nowadays, lucky charm bracelets are primarily worn for fashion.

Its Origin

Humans are wearing lucky charm bracelet or luck bracelet for thousands of years. Often times, people have to do difficult and risky tasks, and these bracelets were thought to give protection or thought to give good luck. That boosted their confidence. There were different luck bracelet for the different community, but they served the same purpose, i.e. to bring good luck. Overtime these bracelets became decorative, and people used them as fashion apart from associating it with good luck.

Charm Bracelets

They get marketed for multiple purposes, and all young adults get seen wearing them. They usually get made of metal links or chain links, which goes around the wrist, and a charm pendant hangs in front. You also have varied trinkets fixed to each segment or hanging from these links.

Types Of Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets have been in existence from the early civilization days, but today, they get worn for fashion. Let’s look at the four types of these bracelets in some details:

Traditional Charm Bracelets

Traditional charm bracelets get made from chain links, and material of this bracelet varies between bronze, copper, sterling silver, or gold. The trinkets that hang from these chain links could get made from any content, and are deeply personal. You can replace them as per your liking, and the theme includes religious beliefs, love for flora and fauna, or fascinated towards sailing and paragliding!

Italian Charm Bracelets

This is a link bracelet, connected to form a wristlet. Typically, such bracelets have eighteen links and a similar number of charms attached to each link. They come in a modular fashion, where you can replace the links as per your choice. The link faces are blank, and you can fasten charms on each link as per your personality.

The material that gets used to create each link is stainless steel, with gold plated on each of its faces. The charms or stones that get attached to each link could get fixed with glue.

European Charm Bracelets

These bracelets are very similar to Italian bracelets, except that the links are round, compared to rectangular shapes of the Italian bracelets. These metal, ceramic, and other types of trinkets are passed through a thin metallic chain, to hold these charms together. You can change these pieces as per your emotions and wardrobe.

Leather Charm Bracelets

The thin chain gets replaced with leather in this bracelet, where your chosen trinkets get hung together. The leather band provides a very fresh look and provides the style statement you wish to project. You can hang trinkets as per your attire and change them with the occasion.

Significance Of Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets signify a particular milestone in the wearer’s life; it could be birth, graduation ceremony, courtship, or marriage. Others wear them purely for fashion. You usually attach anything between 17 to 22 charms on your bracelets.

Materials Used In Charm Bracelets

As we have seen, charm bracelets mostly get made from metals like gold, silver, copper, and bronze. We also use alloys of metals and leather to string your trinkets together. The charms could be in the form of semi-precious beads and stones.

Lucky Charm Bracelet

Those charm bracelets that provide you with good fortune, health, and wealth, get to be known as lucky charm bracelets. Let’s look at some options, the materials that get used, and the purpose served by them.

Pixiu Bracelet

Pixiu is a famous celestial animal in the world of feng shui, attracting wealth. You can create your pixiu bracelet with the help of good quality elastic cord, shiny motif, and complementing wooden or ceramic beads. Following precautions to get followed when wearing this charm bracelet:

  1. Anyone aged below 16 or over 70 must avoid this bracelet, along with pregnant women.

  2. You must wear a pixiu charm bracelet on your right hand to attract wealth, as per the feng shui mandate.

  3. Pixiu’s head and face must point outwards from your wrist, to be of benefit.

  4. You should not bathe with this charm bracelet and must be kept in the living room when you are not wearing this. Do not keep this bracelet in your bedroom.

  5. If the bracelet gets soiled, wash with plain water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

Four Leaf Clover

Initially, finding a four-leaf clover is very difficult since it’s occurrence is rare. They are supposed to provide good fortune to the wearer. Bracelet chain with a decorative four-leaf clover hanging is front gets considered as a lucky charm bracelet.




This is another lucky charm that gets found in bracelets today. They get decorated with colorful metals and stones.

St Christopher

Christians believe that St Christopher protects them from vagaries of nature, and hence they wear them on the necklace or bracelet in the form of a coin. The coin depicts the saint’s image on one side and some important, personal message on the other.

Hamsa Or Protective Hand


Lucky Star

There are many lucky charms bracelets, with the shiny or decorative star hanging in front. This charm bracelet is supposed to bring you good fortune.


This is another lucky charm that people wear on their bracelets. It is supposed to open up your feelings for the other person or unlock an abundance of opportunities.


Acorn helps in protecting your health and gets worn on bracelets as a lucky charm. It also gets associated with patience, the attraction of the opposite sex, and wealth.


Elephant, rabbit, turtle, cat, dragon, albatross, pig, butterfly, whale tail, fish, and feathers are various motifs that are lucky for our bracelets. These are personal beliefs and faith, which help you decide what to wear on your wrist!

How To Choose A Lucky Charm Bracelet

A lucky charm bracelet is said to bring good luck. You can specifically choose which sector your life requires good luck. It can be with your relationship, it can be with your family, it can be education, it can be good luck in general. You can wear multiple lucky charm bracelet at once. Once you decided where do you want good fortune, the next part is to choose the right bracelet. Lucky charm bracelet can be made of various kinds of things. It can be made of metal, plastic, copper and other material. So choose your material.

If you are allergic to copper, then don’t buy copper bracelet instead buy a metal lucky charm bracelet. Many people choose plastic bracelet because they are lightweight and cheap; however, the only drawback is that it may not last very long. If you are looking for a bracelet to lasts longer, then the metal bracelet is a better choice.

After you have chosen the material, the next option is to select the pendant. It can come in various shape and size. Choose the pendant as per your choice. Shapes like heart, leaves, lion, dolphin, etc., feng shui is usually seen in these pendants. These pendants have meaning. So choose your pendant accordingly. Some pendant also contains engraving, and you need to select the right engraving for the right thing. If you are looking to improve your relationship, then make sure to choose the suitable engraving that is related to the relationship.

There are lucky charm bracelets that are entirely made of precious stones. These stones bracelets can be expensive, but many people wear these because according to them they bring good luck. Each of these stone has different vibrations, so they are chosen based on the person’ needs. For example, if the person is willing to get successful in like, then the specific stone will be sued to bring success and good luck to his career. These bracelets are also very fashionable since they are made of precious stones. They look gorgeous when worn with matching dress.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How To Wear A Lucky Charm Bracelet?

Charm bracelets have been in vogue from the middle ages, and get made from gold or silver. You fix charms to this bracelet, which you feel will bring you luck, health, and happiness. This is a personal kind of jewelry you wear, where your faith plays a vital role for the bracelet to be of use to you, other than the fashion quotient.

How Do You Create A Modern Charm Bracelet?

  1. Pick a bracelet link or chain, which can get worn regularly. Precious metals, like gold or silver, are ideal. Titanium or stainless steel are some more options that you can think of.

  2. You can add some birthstone to the bracelet if you wish to enhance your life quality.

  3. If you wish to focus on your luck, you can pick horseshoe or four-leaf clover as your charm for the bracelet.

  4. Charms could be some elements of your hobby too. You can add a guitar if you like music or a globe if you are a frequent traveler.

  5. If you are in a relationship, wearing a matching heart-shaped message bracelet is another great idea.

What Are Traditional Charm Bracelets?

There are various types of charm bracelets, and here are some options:

Pink Quartz: This type of bracelet gets worn for love and affinity of the opposite sex.

Agate Beads: These stones wards of evil spirit and come in brown or green colors

Rudraksha: Bracelets made of this dried fruits of trees has many properties; they promote good health, prevent aging, and fosters mental well being.

Mala: This lucky charm gets made of a circular coin like structure, with a square cut out of its center. It attracts wealth and enriches your soul, and this charm could get fixed to any matching bracelet and worn.

Can I Wear My Lucky Charm Bracelet Daily?

You can wear your bracelet daily, provided you remove them while going for your swim or bathing. In case it gets wet, pat dry with a lint-free cotton cloth. To avoid the charms accumulating dirt, soap, or grime, it is essential to keep them sparkling clean. In case it gets dirty, the bracelet can get cleaned with mild liquid soap and warm water, but be careful about the bracelet’s material so that it doesn’t get damaged or defaced.


A lucky charm bracelet, in addition to being fashionable, aids you with health benefits, promotes love, and begets wealth. As per your requirement, you need to choose the charm that works best and in your interest. Some wear them purely as an ornament, which adds to the ethnicity of the attire!

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