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Why Are Bracelets Not Called Wristlet?


However, these days, bracelets get made of all types of metals, their alloys, wood, glass, ceramic, leather, shell, and even plastics. They get chosen as per your attire and the event you are about to attend. There is a significant difference between a bracelet and a wristlet. So let’s find out what are the differences.

Why are bracelets not called wristlet? Bracelets are ornaments that you can wear on your wrist. It is usually made of metal and plastic, whereas anything that you can wear on your wrist is called wristlet. Wristlet doesn’t have to be made of specific material. Since they are defined differently, you cannot call bracelet as a wristlet.

Various Types Of Bracelets

To know the difference between bracelet and wristlet you need to know more about bracelet. Different types of bracelets exist today. They get made from all kinds of materials and get worn on varied occasions.

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets have been in existence from the early civilization days, but today, they get worn for fashion. Let’s look at the four types of these bracelets in some details:

Italian Charm Bracelets

This is a link bracelet, connected to form a wristlet. Typically, such bracelets have eighteen links and a similar number of charms attached to each link. They come in a modular fashion, where you can replace the links as per your choice.

The link faces are blank, and you can fasten charms on each link as per your personality.

The material that gets used to create each link is stainless steel, with gold plated on each of its faces. The charms or stones that get attached to each link could get fixed with glue.

European Charm Bracelets

These bracelets are very similar to Italian bracelets, except that the links are round, compared to rectangular shapes of the Italian bracelets. These metal, ceramic, and other types of trinkets are passed through a thin metallic chain, to hold these charms together. You can change these pieces as per your emotions and wardrobe.

Traditional Charm Bracelets

Traditional charm bracelets get made from chain links, and material of this bracelet varies between bronze, copper, sterling silver, or gold. The trinkets that hang from these chain links could get made from any content, and are deeply personal.

You can replace them as per your liking, and the theme includes religious beliefs, love for flora and fauna, or fascinated towards sailing and paragliding!

Leather Charm Bracelets

The thin chain gets replaced with leather in this bracelet, where your chosen trinkets get hung together. The leather band provides a very fresh look and provides the style statement you wish to project. You can hang trinkets as per your attire and change them with the occasion.

Diffuser Bracelet


What Are They Made Of

These bracelets get made from lava stones since they have porous properties to store the essential oils sprayed on them. They also have inherent abilities to make you feel calm, poised, and secure. These beads get made from lava rocks.

Other oil-absorbing materials get used for diffuser bracelets. We also use leather, wood, and clay in creating our bracelets. The braided leather design gets used for the diffuser bracelet, which helps in retaining the oil molecules.

Friendship Bracelets

It dates back to 480 to 220 BC in China, when such decorative bands got worn. Over the years, they got tied on wrists of friends, which wore off due to normal wear and tear and got discarded. They got generally made of thread-like materials.

Simple friendship bracelets got made of 2 threads of various thicknesses and colors. More threads got added, depending upon the design, which is getting woven. They usually get tied to the friend with a wish, and when this gets fulfilled, the band gets discarded.

When these bracelets got made of natural fibers, they get worn in beaches and other social gatherings. These bracelets got worn by both sexes and across all age groups.

These types of bracelets with beads and other semi-precious stones get worn as fashion jewelry.

Leather bracelets

As the term suggests, these bracelets get made of leather. More authentic and genuine is the quality of the leather, the bracelet will last longer. Various elements get added to the bracelet, depending upon the reason for you to wear this.

These bracelets are known as fixed, where the ends get joined together. You could also have the wrap-around leather bracelets that get fixed once they wrap around your wrist a few times!

There are various types of leather bracelets:

  1. Surfer bracelet

  2. Love-knot bracelet

  3. Single-wrap bracelet

  4. Adjustable braided bracelet

  5. Handmade woven bracelet

  6. Personalized bracelet

  7. Adjustable bracelet

  8. Traditional embossed bracelet

  9. Wrap bracelet

  10. Occasion bracelet

  11. Braided and rope bracelet

  12. Stitched cuff bracelet

  13. Unity-knot bracelet

Magnetic bracelets


Magnetic bracelets, though available in a massive array of designs, they are primarily worn for therapeutic reasons. It gets felt that wearing such a bracelet would help in a better flow of blood and thereby make you feel fresh!


Rigid bracelets that get made from metal, alloys, wood, glass, and even shell adorn the wrist of women worldwide. Precious and semi-precious stones get set on these bangles to add value and significance to this jewelry. Depending upon your wrist width, you have to pick the right size, since they get worn by sliding through your fingers and hand.

Beaded Bangles

Beads get threaded together in string or elastic, to give bangle like shape, to slip into your hands. You wear them as casual wear and are very colorful. Quality of the beads and stones sets its value and the occasion where they can get adorned. Charms and personal trinkets get threaded together and worn with sentiments attached to such jewelry.

Link bracelets

Some bracelets get made from metal links connected, one after another. These links get made out of various metals, including gold and silver. Stones could also get set on these links to give it a vibrant appearance. They usually have locks at one end. Depending upon the type of links, they are either fixed or adjustable.


Jewelry with incomplete circumference gets known as penannular bracelets. They get usually made from similar metals and alloys, set with precious and other crystals. Since it is open at one end, it fits into the wrist of various sizes. These bracelets either remain open or get linked with a chain and lock.


The word suggests that anything worn around the wrist should be known as wristlets; however, that is not the case. Wristlets do not refer to any ornaments or jewelry that we wear. It gets always referred to that which gets latched to our wrist, securely!

Clutch bags, with a small handle that gets slipped around our wrist, are known as wristlets. These bags don’t have to be held by a hand, as in clutches. These wristlet clutch hangs from the wrist, thereby freeing your hand.

The elastic band, which secures the lower part of our gloves, is also referred to as wristlets. Any materials tied around our wrist to provide security, protection or warmth, get known as wristlets. Hence, it is mostly used as a reference to protection and safety, not as an ornament or jewelry. In fashion, wristlet clutch bags for women are the closest reference to this domain.

The wristlet handbags come in various materials and innumerable brands: from the most costly genuine leather bags, you also have the suede materials, which is quite cost-effective.

The handle can be of the same material as the clutch, or you could choose the ones with the metal chain, which could be gold or silver plated. The expensive wristlets could also have some rhinestones attached to the metal handle, providing the sparkle.

Some ornaments, resembling the metal band of wrist-watches, sometimes get referred to as wristlets. Also, some hinged and closed bracelets get called the wristlets. However, this is the closest connection to bracelets and jewelry, wristlets have!


All types of ornaments worn around the wrist are always known as bracelets. This has been in vogue for years together. Bracelets get made from various materials and designed differently, so they get worn on distinct occasions.

A similar ornament worn around the upper arm gets known as an armlet, while those worn around the ankles are anklets. Bands worn around the wrist gets to be known as wristlets, but not in the form of jewelry.

These bands are always part of something else altogether, like the handle of a clutch bag, or the elastic band of gloves, or a warm protective band. These bracelets are never known as wristlets. They get called bangles, friendship bracelets, charm bracelets, magnetic bracelets, leather bracelets, but not a wristlet!

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